Thursday, January 28, 2010

photoshop queen

having only 3 hours of sleep had got me insane. ( i slept at 1 and i woke up at 4 fml)

Here i am, stalking again on facebook and I stumble across shit Leng Yein person, I dunno who she is but I know she is hot as hell with tan and the flattest tummy, i dunno what other terms I should use but I cannot use stomach cause that's like where your gaster juice is produced wtf, yeah.

So anyway as I was stalking some 3 albums our of her 96thousand albums of her life (gee woman you have like 20 albums just from christmas till now)

And I found that this shit is indeed not real! :D Sorry la but quite fun to let the world know (or more like those stupid perverted men on FB) that pretty picture can be photoshopped. I've done photoshopping and I know how some not good jobs (HEH) can look like so. yeah...

*click images to enlarge*

Quite fun =p

I has a junk in the trunk and d cup boobs and crooked fuse box.

I hassa 8 inch waist, 23inch was last year.

I duno, can you tell something is wrong with her dress?? Either the bottom is like flared out or her waist is liquified inwards? And the indian man's arm is like so wide compare to his biceps lor, sorry i dunno the term but the upper arm is like so skinny then suddenly the lower arm is like effing muscular jengjengjeng muscleman

Seriously I thought I had hope to be like skinny as hell cause HEY here's a real life example but is PS-ed =/ kuakuakua I'm sure this Leng Yein person in real life must be SKINNY as hell to be able to fit a bangle up to her shoulders but is it neccessary to liquify yourself to be even skinnier? =/ A little overboard imo

HAHAHAH I'm such a hypocrite talking about some top model winner of five thousand awards PS_ing herself and I myself hadn't done anything in my life kuakuakua. Told you I'm not in my right mind suppose to discuss about people then now I backfire myself pula wtf -_-


Anonymous said...

she's damn ugly lah. ick. her boobs look fake and she has cellulite on her thighs(in the bikini pic). having an "8 inch" waist doesn't compensate for any of it.

❤ Ee Von said...

hahhah quite the obvious lo the fail photoshop job. and i second anonymous - cellulite galore!!! and so obvious her right thigh is so much chunkier than her left skinny thigh. the proportion in every picture also wrong! and this is more like educating ppl (esp those idiot perverted men on fb) about BAD PHOTOSHOP skills so it's for a good cause don't worry don't worry :D

skim said...

LOL I'VE SEEN HER ON FB TOO! WHO IS SHE? she's on my suggestions thing.
is she a porn star?
her breasts are so fake they make vicky b's look real.

mustardqueen said...

anonymous: I think she;s quite pretty lor minus her nose, i find her nose DAMN fake like too high a bridge! =/ And yes I think her boobs are fake too cause it looks HELLA saggy when she wears like no bra =/ or maybe cause she phooshopped herself to be too skinny it looks like her boobs are sagging =/

eevon: HAHAHAHA I DIN SEE THE THIGHS LOLLLLL maybe she try to make her left thigh look skinnier she accidentally made her left thigh TOO FAT!! =PPP summore her shoulder blades like, all crushed and ruined wtf =PP quite bad lor her ps skills =P

skim: I DUNNO WHO IS SHE!! Apparently some hypertune model thingy super slutty dream of all perverted men wtf wouldn't be surprised if she's a porn star wtf! and I THOUGHT VICKY B"S ARE REAL!!!!! *shifty eyes* gutter *cough* hahahah

Anonymous said...

you so berani mann .. posting this in public..haha .. but who cares..

anyway, ya im so suprised they're some ppl who liquify themselves to be even skinnier?

after all (maybe) shes anorexic. so cant be blame. lol.

but mann she looks unstable la. skinny with an oversized boobs.

i wanna be skinny (not too lah) too .. but balance one. lol ..

Vic said...

i went to search from her on fb! you should check out her sis too! just guessing it's her sis (Leng Sean) coz they look alike and they have the same boobs too!

mustardqueen said...

anon: errr shifty eyes* i do too hahahaha but at least i dun minus off 15 inches off my waist and add 20 inches on my boobs LOL!!!! Is she anorexic?? she looks like it well...haha

vic: HAHA SERIOUS??? But her boobs look unreal =/ Are they like the same too =P

Regina George said...

People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones :)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

hahaha i dun think u'r a hypocrite, i think this is shit funny! especially the ar, bangle pArt.

Anonymous said...

Easily I agree but I about the brief should have more info then it has.

Anonymous said...

This photo of her is what I want to do with her:

Tell her to STFU and just fuck her fake tits while she licks my balls.