Friday, July 31, 2009

If you're broke

You can still have a Chanel bag.

I hear you ask me how.

Just prepare the following materials:

1 Large Brown Bag, any cheapo material also can as long as it's huge
1 Gold Chain link strap
Black Sharpie or any black marker
and A LOT of courage :D



Sofia said...

That bag is pretty epic - needs a certain amount of confidence to pull it off though x

YiNKy said...

LOL. it looks nice. xDD i would use something like that if it's made of thicker instead of paper bag though. i scare the thing break and all my stuff drops out!! xD

Ainee said...

dude. this. is. a. really. good. idea! hahahahahaha

Shikin Hambali said...

your posts are so cute lately huhu

Cindy Khor said...

good one...

hopefully everything would be ok for you in aus again... its relaly tough right?? to be away from home again...

mustardqueen said...

sofia: hahahahahaha but the person who made it is GENIUS!!! So cute =P

yinky: hahah go make one. Use plastic bag lor, confirm more lasting =P

ainee: -_- u have real one la no need to make -_-

shikin: hahaha really?? think its cause I found cute pics =P

cindykhor: things are going ok these days. not so emo these days cos err I finally have my menses wtf!! Thanks though haha you always give encouraging words leh =P