Thursday, August 27, 2009


Things start to go my way.

Starting to. :)

Yesterday effing acrobat reader fucked up then thanks to Henry's brilliant idea of uninstalling it and reinstalling it worked!!! Stupid me never thought of doing that in the first place. If it didn't work I'll have to save files from the library and load it in the newer version of the reader I have -_- CAN THEY UPDATE -_-

And then I thought things are going well since it's a new day, then Nancy have to tell me that the bus is leaving at 5.15 to the hotel.

5 freaking 15.


Makeup booking was at 4 and I had trouble arranging my transport (read: train and bus) to be back by 6 and now they made it at 5.15. eff my life.

I got so fed up with life and decided to finish up my assignment, not a MAY-JUH assignment that requires lotsa research but just lots and lots of reading. And I finished at 5. And I woke up at 8 cause I was suppose to attend lecture at 9.

Slept and went for tutorial at 11.

Came back and continued assignment till Rachel called to try our tiramisu (YES we made it!! :D) It was awesome... I went high due to lack of sleep and baileys and coffee and sugar. *giddy*

Today, went for manicure and pedicure!! Had acrylics on :)))))) I like it :D:D:D:D:D:D Pictures later. And I realise something is wrong with my right mother toe T_T it's so ugly =(((( But overall I had a good day cause I had roast pork wrap with dijon mustard for dinner, and I made a phone call to MAC to cancel my booking and to further enquire if there's any morning bookings!! (I was that desperate to get my makeup done I am doing it at freaking noon -_-) AND THERE IS!!! :D

Now all I need is some sleep.

3 hours last night and I have to wake up at 9 tomorrow T_T

Sorry a lot of ramblings these days cause life hasn't been fair to me lately. But things are starting to look good now. :D


Jing said...


Okay i'll do jst abt anything to run away frm uni life, fml! T__T

Vivien T said...

roast pork wrap with dijon mustard..
homemade tiramisu...


have fun tomorrow! <33
and I hope your sleep will feel like 9876493 hours of gooood sleep :D

Anonymous said...

i love that your so vain. its funny! hehe. princess-style. I wonder where in Melb you live... cos if you had around 4-5 friends wanting to go to the same ball that live near you... you could all chip in and catch a cab instead of going so early! sometimes it works out cheaper and more convenient.

mustardqueen said...

jing: HAHAHAHAH REMEMBER DURING HIGH SKOOL BALLS?? :D i love dolling up lor when i come back GNO every night la then u belanja so we can all dress up :D

vivien: HEEEE seriously la fuck that diet but the tiramisu is actually not that fat cause there's not butter used in the processs!!!! but got mascarpone cheese wtf ahahahahaha and thanks love!!! :D

anonymous: HEHE it runs in the family!! I love love love dolling up and going for pedicures and manicures and makeovers cos I love being pampered I wish I could do this EVERYDAY!!! :D I live in Berwick and yeah we actually agree taking a cab wuld be better but then the shuttle bus thing fetches us back frm here to hotel and to after party and back.. but fuck la have to pay 20 bucks for that and the ticket aint cheap AT ALL!!! =(((