Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New bestfriend

Update: I think.... Malaysian designers should stop taking "inspirations" from the internet/top designers and make rip offs of their designers and call it their own? No offense but seriously, can you come up with SOMETHING that is not "in(copy)spired by balmain or alexander wang or versace or gucci or lv or lanvin or givenchy? Just once? Just take a look at Vincci shoes and you'll know why. But then again, vincci is so so so SO far behind they just started selling overpriced studded sandals.

cheh liddat I also can call myself designer la, I buy jeans then i rip rip rip then I sell for 2000 dollars cause I designed it wert. But Balmain came up with it first and it's overrated now I dun dare to wear mine out T_T Get my point?


So many assignments and the Gale Force Winds are here.

NAIS. Wind speed was 120km/h this evening while I was cooking beef rendang and it was hailing but I was busy cooking my beef rendang hahahahahahahahaa

My new bestfriend for this kinda weather and the piling assignments is Amo Complete Bling N Clean eyedrops. T_T My eyes are getting SO SO SO dry I can feel like shrinking and becoming a prune T_T I DUN WANT T_T I want my eyes to be big and watery O_O

ok I'm procrastinating cause that's what I'm best at and also cause I finished my part for the 2500 research proposal. Now I regret taking up the marketing major cause, I have no idea on how to do the freakinnnnnn assignment. -_- And I'm not sure if it's worth all the shit that I'm going through (ie. travelling all the way to Frankston campus, getting shit from people, getting shit for worrying bout my course cause I don't have enough units to take up all my electives for CPA blablabla list goes on)

And to make this post a bright and happy one Imma share with you some of my new shoes. :) 2 pairs la but what the hell I got 4 pairs of shoes in 3 days *shifty eyes* <.< Photobucket
Baby is mine now <3333

got it on sale... so cheap i cannot believe it... NOt cheap like 5 bucks cheap but cheap for Nine West la :D:D:D:D:D:D:D All hail outlet stores :)

AND PHAR LAP T__________________________T The biggest, most beautiful, and the first REAL (dead) horse I've seen in my life. Oh wait that's not my first I've seen ponies in the Zoo before :D

ISNT HE GORGEOUS????? Sorry Imma sucker for horses. T_T I was damn happy when we're suppose to have exams in the racecourse cause you know what bitches?? MEANS HORSES LOR!!! :D Look at em veins T_____T I want a horse toooooo T______T

Told ya I wanna open a farm... <-- Shall write a story on that HEE


Mel said...

i remember seeing dear Phar Lap at the Melb Musuem and wondering to myself why is the damn horse so damn famous.
ignorant little me later found out about his genius-ness on the tracks. lols.

and a little heads up, girl. there's a bardot outlet sale at abbotsford this friday and saturday. so maybe i'll see you there then. *winks*

mustardqueen said...

mel: where is abbotsford? T_T where is it near T_T Im clueless when its not a mall wtf!!! and thanks for the info! :D

Brenda said...

Abbotsford is slightly up north from the city, quite near to Smith St if I'm not mistaken. :)

Nah here http://www.bardot.com.au/store/bardot-factory-outlet-sale-one-weekend-only

Oh where did you get your chained black wedges from in the last post btw? Must. Have. Love so much. If you don't mind that is. :)

LavenderFloret said...

omg those Nine West Heels damn nice arrrrr where you buy them? and how much if u dun mind =)

But i'm officially on shopping ban already sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhh n I've got so many shoes I can open shoe shop liao wtf

mustardqueen said...

brenda: Nah too far considering im like at the other end... dun think im going cos, read bout the comments in the forum doesn't sound that good... and yeah bought too many things recently =/ and spent too mch on ball T_T and the chain shoes are from Zu at Bridge Road Zu Outlet store, but it was the last pair hence the 20 dollar price tag =/ so don't think there's any left...

lavenderfloret: DFO! They left in size 8 is that ur size!??? And it's only 39 dollars!!!! Cheap right considering it's nine west and they're comfy, they din hurt my feet, cept cause I danced in it for like 5 hours so it's tiring on my heel :P

Brenda said...

No way, 20 dollars! Why I'm not as lucky as you when I go shopping one.. Seems I'm not doing it enough lol :P