Tuesday, October 13, 2009

If there is one thing I love about spring it would be

1. it's the start of something new, ie a new year but here in Australia it might be a start of something else (Exams wtf, fml)

2. Everywhere is just in full bloom, the trees were bald and lonely and ugly and birds can't lay nests there, and now they're sporting an Afro do!!! Love.

3. Stores decorated with flowers and buckets and buckets of flowers. :D The Sportsgirl flagship store in Chaddie (yes no longer the Bourke st. branch as flagship woot) even smell like fresh flower when I walked in and was greeted with all sorts of pretty clothes (and died) and everything just seem nicer. <3

4. The pastel colour palette of all the pretty dresses and shoes and jewelry. I need a new wardrobe, screw fierceness I wanna be all soft and pretty and let my skin drench in Chanel pastel couture.

5. Racing season!! All the prettiest dresses and headgears are out! :D I can wear my flower hat, and other bigass headgear. :))))))

Ahhh (soothing ah wtf not screaming for help ah) I actually would like to stay a little longer during summer, but home awaits with love and money hehehehehe wtf no need to cook myself and wash dishes T_T And when I return it shall be sales for all the pretty things wheeeeee.

Watched 500 days of Summer. Loved it and hate it. Cause it relates a lot to our lives that it depicts how everyone uses shortcuts in expressing themselves. Greeting cards, Internet and all other bullshits. Which makes ur bury our lives in this bullshit and not living it real. Also when you have all these things and one morning you wake up, your nothing but alone. Don't you find that so so true? Maybe that is why I like about indie movies, cause they are real, they are not just about fictions and ever afters and fantasies, it relates to our real lives and not just fairy tales.

Don't mind watching it again. :)

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