Friday, October 30, 2009

Not Impressed

I have a feeling when I saw this post on TiC, my intuition tells me that it is "inspired" by my harness post.

And I'm not very happy.


5dollar said...

maybe u ought to let them know....this is not cool...but cheer up k!

miss wif da flow said...

ya...soooo not cool.i read a looooot of blogs and i never read about the harness except from ur blog.maybe if u confront them,u shud ask them where they get the source from.then...sure cannot run already la..

Anonymous said...

i've seen body chains on many sites.
i doubt it's "inspired" by yours.
get over yourself.

shells said...

i agree with anonymous.
diy body chains have been around for quite some time now. u cant possibly think that ur the only one capable of coming up with this diy.

mustardqueen said...

anonymous: i've read about harnesses around like kingdomofstyle and others like style bubble, i heartnorwegianwood, littersf a(r)mor and many other sellers from etsy, but coincidentally the TiC post is posted AFTER I've posted it. That's what I'm not happy about, coincident, maybe, but I don't think so. So get over YOURSELF.

shells: I repeat myself, I've seen them since ages ago (like since last year or maybe longer) and I'm fully aware of that and only recently I got my ass up to do some DIY. I did not mention others are not capable of coming up with this DIY so do not simply ASSUME that I think so highly of myself that ***I*** am the only one who can DIY things and I am God ok. but the length of time and other coincidence after I posted it, think about it, the author of the post might be thinking OOH must be really easy to do something to contribute and why not just do a DIY post.

Anonymous said...

So you admit, after seeing those fashion blogs and sites, you finally got off your ass to DIY one for yourself?

Then you were "inspired" from the girls' from the said above sites? Which is also "conincidently" after they posted on body harnesses right?!

Hahahahahah. Puh- lease. Your post on harnesses is hardly original. So its not fair for you to question the originality of the post in tic. For all you know, the girl may have stumbled upon one of those websites and decided to post it.

Imagine if the seller on etsy or one of the fashion bloggers were to sue you for design infringement. I wonder.

So who needs to get over herself now?


alexis said...

oh please anonymous. Sup with you? If you aren't happy about the post, why not ignore it? It's not your blog anyway. Don't you have freedom of speech in your country?

YiNKy said...

well, anonymous, u may have ur point, Mustard Queen's post on harness may not be 100% original but for the fact that u are using an anonymous status, it proves that u are a coward, who is afraid to reveal urself.

if u are using anonymous status because u are a friend of Mustard Queen's and do not wish to hurt her feelings, i'm sure she can take ur opinions or even criticism, but for u to be posting it like this is just plain rude.

i suggest u to get a life. stop stalking ppl's blog and find fault in them. :/

Anonymous said...

hey huiting.

I'm sorry but the post is done by me after I was asked to go a DIY post by my editor. and I have to say that the post is purely coincidental because sorry again ah I have to admit I haven't been reading your blog for some time cause I cannot stand looking at your shopping purchases :(

but yes, it is purely coincidental, I swear. I wouldn't even have known if it's not because of a reader who notified us.

if it makes you happy, we would love to link your post on our page.

again, babe I'm so sorry if you think we ripped the idea of your page but seriously, we didn't ya.


ming siew said...

ei yeah man, i know how irritating it is that people (those u know of course) post something right after u post them. Like today u write bout something, n then tomorrow they post something so damn similar to yours!I get agitated too! but after a while, just let it be la......u must think it in this way,ppl copy you cz ur worth copying ma...hehe.....not that bad actually.

Ainee said...

haih. people nowadays. just because they do not understand what you said, they simply came up with their own conclusion.

tsk tsk. :D

Fi said...

I doubt that the TiC poster was inspired by you because I thought they had even more ideas to wear the harness than you? Anyway, even Gwen has confirmed that she didn't copy you...

It all seems a bit silly to be unhappy about.

Lauranne said...

Fi, i hardly believe it is considerate to assume if something is worthy or unworthy of being unhappy about. what makes you sad does not necessarily mean it will make the next person sad. if it affects hui ting, then it does. with all due respect, don't take this as a personal attack on your comment because it isn't. i just don't believe hui ting should have to take more hits than she needs to.

maybe some consideration is in order?

Anonymous said...

Get over yourself, you copied off somebody else in the first place anyway

Anonymous said...

lame claim hahha