Monday, November 09, 2009


When every morning waking up with bright blue skies peeking through my blinds, under the thick polyester duvet, I feel a gust of hot air surrounding me. Not bad aura/heaty kinda air, but literally hot air. When every afternoon lunches are met with 35 degrees sunshine, cloudless skies greet me with a pang of UV ray and dead skin cells that might be lead to cancer. When your fan is turned to the max but all it blows it hot air that could raise five thousand hot air balloons to the sky. Scorching hot sun on your skin, makes carrying a light shoulder bag harder, fifteen minutes walk to the train station felt like 5 hours.

Where a day is not called a day without 5 ice cold showers, where I shiver and turn blue. Dancing in the shower as I try to avoid the call water splashing on my skin, though it felt like heaven when my skin contacts with the cold droplets, but part of me felt torturing, too cold as compared to the previous 40 degree temperature showers where mirrors are covered with steam, wiped off with wet hands and a blurry vision of your reflection.

Winter, was when I wrap myself in a towel and quickly wipe myself dry and put on my pyjamas.
Summer, is when I stay in the shower as long as I could, with cold water running through my hair, like watering plants. Non stop. And the fan turned in my way, drying of every drop of water so quickly, till I could barely feel the cold that was left on my skin, passionfruit flavoured.

A week filled with sunshiney day I longed for the past months, but the tan I longed for was never mine. Slipper tan lines were gone within hours, slippers filled with dried sandy dust, grey and powdery feeling beneath my feet.

Oh where is the spring that I dreamt of?


LavenderFloret said...


sorry can't help it, i'm roasting

Anonymous said...

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Brenda Y said...

You are so right. Plus I have been doing construction work in a warehouse with my classmates - it is seriously no fun. I hate this weather. :(