Thursday, November 19, 2009

It's like being in love

I am sorry for the long absence of pictures and shits but I seriously lost the urge to "blog".

I watched Julie and Julia in the plane last night and I really liked it. FINALLY something all about food. I love food I cannot live without food whether it is an inert need or whatever. I still love it. I can eat even when I'm not hungry or I can eat because I am hungry but the food I take in, MUST be good (or at least to me!) Hence the size wtf.

There is a really strong link to bloggers. But of course that is not true, because you cannot get THAT famous, maybe not all of you (xiaxue is an exception) And I think as a blogger, the more famous one will just get more famous, and the not famous one will just fade into thin air, like me. Fading.

And it's like falling in love, I started out cause I loved it so much that I can write freely with dumb thoughts of mine. Now that I looked back, though it's not a tangible item that I can actually touch or feel it and read from it like a letter that I wrote to myself many years ago, but reading from my oldest entries (please don't go near there) gave me this feeling, as if it is a letter I wrote to the future me. And that I've grown so so much. SO MUCH.

Anyway I was saying it started so strongly I have so much urge to write in it. Give feelings to it, spread the loving.

And then it has its ups and downs and there might be a 3rd person in this relationship (erm I dunno what example to give wtf) and you might just wakeup one day and realise you're really not that in love with it. And that it starts to fade, and slowly, you're actually what you've got.

Because my dreams of getting famous are tarnished already if you didn't already know, YES I have the intention of blogging more to get more attention and become famous and earn lots of money and become better than xiaxue or world famous bloggers like perez hilton. But I think I have bigger dreams in life. YES it might not be anything to do with what my degree offers me now, but there will be a turn in life that I'll change DRASTICALLY, and do things that I'm passionate about (like Julie cooking) and I'll succeed if I want to, I will hold on to it till I succeed, that is if I found that one thing that I truly want to venture for the rest of my life. I think I should join culinary school instead seeing my love for cooking. I cannot see myself writing advertorials about things that I don't even like (seriously? Follow Me?) and spend my entire day talking about my life. Instead I'd rather be the one spending my life instead of talking about my life, don't you find that much more meaningful? Yes I will still update from time to time to share SOME updates of my life, but not all. Some moments are meant to be savored and kept within ourselves, that needn't to be shared with everyone. I prefer something that you can actually keep, and feel. Like memories, I know owning a blog is also the same you can keep it, but after all, there are just coded words embedded in html codes and written using keypads, technology you say? I do want a photo album that keep tracks of my doings and my life, beautiful life, life in the beach under the sun shopping, but digital album is not what I want, photobucket?? How many buckets do I need to store my entire life time's pictures, I think my brain works better, human brains work better if not they wouldn't have created that in the first place. I want to develop pictures and store them in a pretty album. Maybe with rococo damask prints in velvet. Tied up in a grey velvet ribbon, lush.

And you do know that, your blog is intangible right?


siewkwan said...

Agreed totally on the writing about ads you dun even like and of cuz, talking solely about yourself...-_-"

Thanks for telling it out!! :D

revel in me said...

Beautiful. :)

I agree with you, you really have grown so much. I am proud of you! *hugs*