Monday, December 14, 2009


Almost 24 hours on call, standing on a pair of gray flats and funeral attire, with a forced smile. I stood there, almost unreal, going to and fro this room with racks of clothing and accessories.

It is real.

Yes bitches I am working. I think I saw someone who knows me yesterday and they recognize me and smirked and the best thing is I do not know them! :D Because what seemed so glamorous wearing funeral clothes and pretty jewelry standing at one corner saying hello goodbye is not what it seems.

I am pretty furious the fact that my parents did not expose me to these sort of experience no thanks to them not allowing me to work (not sure about now but I have yet to inform them lalala). It is not something that I LOVE lovelove doing, but in just 2 days, I learnt a lot. Not something you see while shopping. But what comes behind those pretty arrangements came with many stories.

I would say, working is like shopping in several hours in the same shop, seeing and to be seen. And it is very tiring. I finally get what my friends feel when they were working.

I am now working in Accessorize 1 Utama. If you want to say HI or see me suffer kindly drop by. If you do not see me, it's either (a) I'm not working that day (b) I'm on break (c) I'm in the store (d) I stopped working wtf

There. See you soon.


electronicfly said...

Is tries meets you first time. but only after my finals T.T :D

skim said...

proud of you mustardqueen!

Adryna said...

i know what it feels to be working at malls, your feet gone to madness and serving bad customers,lousy i mean is fucking dreadful, right? The thing i love is just like, u got discounts in store as staff. :)
anyway, happy working ting!
p/s : first time commenting. ;p