Saturday, January 23, 2010

A little bit, la-la-la

Because people always come and go. And you know there is those who always comes back to you no matter what happens. This week might have been the busiest and one of the saddest weeks, but they leave for something they have been wanting to achieve.

My sister left to Newcastle and my bestfriend is leaving to San Francisco. The good thing is, the sister will be seeing me more often that she'll ever thought of -_- and the bestie might come over to see me :D Nothing cheered me up than these news. :)

Till then I'll have to survive a month of loneliness. That deep empty feeling that rushes in and out. No more someone to turn off the lights for me when I sleep, no more indulging in overpriced microwave heated food (yes Dome food are microwave heated, I think Delicious is as well T_T) And then there will be no one to dress up with.

But I am a strong person, more like a rock. Nothing will make me tumble and fall again. :)

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