Thursday, January 07, 2010

Unhealthy living

I think the number 9 is not very "ong" for me.

Because in 2009 many bad things happened and I turned 19 (not good double 9 uh-oh)

So recently I've been to the hospital several times due to a relapse of my urine infection which is the cause of the abnormal pain in my lower abdomen (not that i have abs wtf united nation ftw!!) which is excruciating. I couldn't help but to squeeze the lump of fat where it aches but it didn't help, and it hurts worse early in the morning when my bladder is full and I can't stand up after I squat =/ It hurts really badly that I felt like my back was breaking.

And so I went for urine test and ultra sound. And bacteria in the urine and now I'm waiting for the swap culture test results (yes I went to a gynae.) Then there was the series of "sensitive questions".

And now I'm living life on antibiotics. And I think everytime after I take in the meds I'll have flu fml T_T

And then one of the worst thing is that I have this really serious cavity on this molar, and it's so deep that, the dentist is afraid that he'll drill my root during filling, so I have to go on root treatment (i think it's root canal T_T) HOW BAD CAN MY LIFE BE T____T

But all that will be good after my.... deng deng... SHOPPING TRIP!! :D:D:D:D Details later but I think there is no surprise la.

And there are better things installed for me after the bestfriend and the sister leaves me T_T Hopefully that will keep me busy as a bee till I go back to Melbourne.

stay healthy ppl or you'll have to go through tonnes of tests and drilling and filling and visits to the doctors and dentists T___T seriously I'm so unhealthy but I love it. <3


Mel said...

oh gosh. that sucks.
hope you get heaps heaps better.

t3ngt3ng said...

u'll be fine after the shopping therapy! ;)

joke aside, get well soon yea!

Anonymous said...

I wish not agree on it. I think warm-hearted post. Expressly the designation attracted me to read the unscathed story.

mustardqueen said...

mel: huu i jst finished the dose of antibiotics but now i'm having menstrual cramps so i dunno whether its still there anot fml T_T

t3ngt3ng: YES!! :P:P I was having food poisoning in bangkok then shopping made it all good :D

anonymous: erm i don;t quite understand but i hope you're not those random anon reader but i kinda think i get what u meant heh