Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today I've wasted 2 hours of my life, waiting.

I was suppose to get an exchange for my external harddisk cause the disk died on me and couldn't detect and shit, so I asked for an exchange. Means I won't have one during my stay in Melbourne.

And Wen was waiting for me outside LowYat plaza. I went into the car, I smell fuel. Like it was so strong as if I was in the petrol station. And then after 200metre drive, the car engine just went off. And was stuck there. Thank goodness there was a massive jam so we couldn't move and was wondering how to turn on the hazard lights. And the guards who were directing the traffic pushed our car for us T_T In the small lane between Sg Wang and Low Yat plaza. FML.

And waited and waited then several phone calls later we just waited. T_T And this fucking low life indian boy came up and asked my sister if we needed to check the car, but as dodgy as he looked, Wen just ignored and shook her head. Low life scolded vulgarities and drove off in his stupid motorcycle, expecting us to pay him if he can "fix" our car, which I highly doubt so. More like removing my engine parts and leave with our "reward".

Super bad luck, everytime I smell something weird from the aircon, the car WILL break down. The last time was Satria, after my very bad/only accident I was involved T_T

With so many things to do so many people to meet so many things to pack. I'm mentally and physically exhausted. All these things I'm suppose to do aren't keeping me away from thinking of leaving home. It's just weird, I'll be leaving in less than 24 hours and will haev to dread how to get back to the campus lugging my shit. I need transport service. It's just so hard lugging my fucking bigass luggage from the train station to the campus.

everything is just going not so smoothly I just want to sleep. The packing continues. =(

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