Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Do you see, what I see


I know the bag is pretty as hell and to hell I can afford it but no!!

I am talking about the blazer. THE BLAZER. Perfect nude with what looks like the softest structured cotton (see so contradicting I'm confusing myself) with scallop collar.

Scallop. Collar.

Please. Someone stop me before I take out a pair of scissors to snip my beloved blazer.


Felice said...

OMG! I feel the same too - scallops are MAJOR LOVE! :D

Anonymous said...

thought you might be interested in this :)

Nazihah said...

i'm in love too omgg!! lets cut both our blazers!!

um lol.

revel in me said...

I think it's Chloe!!!

Mel said...

snip! snip! snip it all off! lols.

and yes, the scallop collar is majorly sinful.

mustardqueen said...

felice: it's damn gorgeous booooohoooooo it's MAY-JUHHHHHHH


DREAM COME TRUE but so expensive and the seller is not 100% positive feedback?? And I dunno I prefer if I can meetup and seetouchfeel it. BUT you're sucha genius you found like the EXACT jacket! It's EXACTLY the same as the one in the pic i posted <3

nazihah: I tak sampai hati to cut. Maybe I go tailor make one <3

RIM: I think so too, it's so Chloe but I cannot afford fml

mel: Eh why not u cut first la wtf then we see how it goes =PPPPP HAAHAHAHA