Sunday, February 14, 2010

Lou Fu

May tiger year bring everyone the amount of Health, Happiness, Wealth, Joy, Love, Luck and Miracles the stripes a tiger has on its skin.

This year will be filled with more changes, more happiness and positivity.

I ushered in the new year with a "new"-ish bowl cut and I'm kinda feeling retarded huhu T_T

Change is good and new change means new hope and new chances new opportunity, same thing but conclusion change is good. Change is vital as long as it does not involve hurting people and making you happy. Not everyone will be happy with the change but they must respect changes you made and accept them.

Therefore I shall announce this year's theme is Change wtf, last year was leap of faith. Sorry I predicting future, I shall be fortune teller one day. But yes, you may choose to change to be a more dependent person, or change to be a better person or be more selfish by taking more. Just change. For a better future, better world, for better or worse, for a better you.

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❤ Ee Von said...

happy cny! have a great rawrrring new year! i like how you have a theme each year, sounds very positive and something to look forward to :)