Friday, February 05, 2010


Update: Looking at shoes just made me a lot, A LOT more happier. Just those tiny little details on the heels, on the strap made me smileeeeee :) SHOE PORNNNNN

You know one thing I told myself. I am special. I know I'm born to be special and no, my life wouldn't be ordinary. Guess what??

Years ago when I went to remove a teeth (long story it was to make one of the teeth straighter and now I have another one that's like popping out) and my tooth had like 3 roots. Which is rare. 3 legs/roots on the molar. -_-

Then on Wednesday during the root canal session (suppose to be finished by 2nd sesh but there is a 3rd one) because dentist found another canal on the same root. I have 3 canal in 1 root. 2 is consider quite a lot and I had 3 wtf. (i have no idea what is canal but according to what I hear the dentist explain it's in the root or something).

Then today I went to have 4 X-rays to check the kidney and it's incomplete duplex (wtf?) and apparently one of the tube/connector thing that connects my left kidney and bladder is infected. And I have two of the tubes and one is not functioning so well cause it's infected. My dad explained to me as longkang wtf. (i'm not sure what a normal person has, but should be one on each kidney yea?) And I have two. fml.

I finally know why am I so special.

Everything people has, I have more. -_-

X-ray ok. fucking x-ray also need injection for contrast shit to show colour in my kidney. WHY. Why. WHYYYYYYYYYY.

Sadness is not knowing what to do but sustain life with antibiotics. Sadness is having a needle as thick as Nutrigen straw going into your veins and painfully pulled out. Sadness is vein swelling up. Sadness is not knowing when will this all end.

Tiger year oh tiger year, please scare away these shits with your fierceness I'll promise to wear more fierce things. =(

And there'd be one day when fucking antibiotics killed all the bacterias in my system. All including the bad ones and the good ones. What the fuck. I'm just pissed.


choco said...

Oh dear. Sounds terrible!

Get well soon! <3

t3ngt3ng said...

Get well real soon! lots and lots of healing vibes to u :)

Jing said...

HAHAAHAHAHAHAH i know i'm not supposed to laugh over ur misery but u're very funny my love! <3

LavenderFloret said...

hey get well soon!

luckily u have 2 tubes right? else if one fails you don't have backup but you do!

wtf sorry if it doesn't help you feel better about this

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