Sunday, February 07, 2010

What you thinking?

Few random things I did today

- Saw grandparents talking about hairdyes/grandma dying hair
- Helped grandma dye her hair
- Went to Metrojaya to get Shiseido shits but fail trip cause either sold out or waiting for promotion
- Watched this stupid canto show
- Went jogging/walking around the park, for about 25 minutes and sweat like as if I'm in a sauna
- Had some self confidence issues with myself and keep staring at the mirror
- Binged milo and Hup Seng crackers :D
- Continued stupid canto show, I like haha
- Stared at the digital clock on the screen and it says 12.07a.m. again. For the 18472084627864178 time I looked at the clock, am or pm (weird hor)
- Vein swelling not cool, it's turning green now? And longer the bruise??
- Packed a little for Melbourne and I have approximately 5 new jackets to wear during winter <3 and I'm not done packing
- Freaked a little at the amount of clothes I'm bringing over.
- Found my Micket tee I got from Newlook :D
- Bought overpriced Yoplait at tesco but om nom nom it's the shit, Dutch Lady yogurt should just go die.
- Still freaking out how to pack to Melbourne
- Plan to go down to Singapore with man man after her CNY break but realised I'm leaving to Melb that weekend.
- Counted how many days till I'm leaving
- Bit medicine into half
- Freaked a little over my x-ray

Sorry my day consists of a lot of freaking out, and a lot of sweating, and binging.

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