Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Falling deep

I pop clarinase into my dry throat, leading me to this sinking feeling.

It dragged me deeper and deeper and deeper. Eyes wide open but in my mind, there's this familiar image of this rubber being pulled and mashed and pulled again, like how you make a dough, but using rubber.

It kept replaying and replaying in my head and the more it plays the worse the migraines get. And then it continued, eyes still wide open, body numbed, not able to feel a single muscle, it dragged me deeper. Unsure of where it's leading me too, it felt endless. I strive to pull myself back up, but the image was disturbing,

It seem somewhat familiar, like a dough rolling onto my face and being kneaded, over and over again. But I'm quite sure that it is not what happen cause my face is not a rolling board.

It's disturbing.

And I'm down with flu. Then Clarinase which was suppose to clear the flu, fucks my mind up.

And this is not a dream or some ghost dragging me to hell. I'm disturbed by the thought of that image, I couldn't even tell how it's like, but I could taste metal/iron (not irony) when I have those images flashing through.

Maybe I'm just unwell.


revel in me said...

Omg I get that feeling too when I take drowsy medicine!! But mine is like a rubber ball ping pong-ing around.. :/

mustardqueen said...

omg that is damn scary.. mine is like the dough is kneading by itself... IS IT WHEN U TAKE CLARINASE!!??