Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Polly in my Pocket

I remember having this exact same Polly Pocket. It has flags on top of the roofs,it's my dream house when I was little. Still is. The tacky lavender brick walls and pink roof, they sure know how to cheat a little girl's feelings. Don't recall what was the reason my mom got this for me but this is the only Polly Pocket that I call it my own. I remember the garage door can be opened by pushing the tree and the left down, and it'll pop open. So much for the 1990s technology. I was pretty damn amused by the garage door, and it still is working!!! (well not sure bout now but I think it still is working!) And I remember at the far right, there's a green house, with see through glass roof, where I used to put the guy and the girl making out (hornay little kid haha) and we used to play these evil mother innocent kid story, where poor Polly will have to sleep at the attic which we assumed haunted. And each time before all us sisters started playing, we'll set a scenario, characters, and we'll go according the flow. And when we want something to happen very suddenly or making assumptions, we'll add "ga ga" (假假) means pretend. Haha how naive.

I miss being a kid. All grumpy when my mom refuse to get me a somerset bay cardigan which is exactly the same as this rich girl in my primary school class, and I threw tantrum and always walk behind all my family members. That's my way of being kecil hati =P And each time I wanted to get something, I'll be staring at it for the longest time till my mom comes to me and look for me, she'll take a look and asked if I'd like to try it. Those were the days when my mom still pays for my shopping. When buying clothes are such luxury, it only come once in a blue moon when she's in absolute great mood, and we'll be treasuring them with all our hearts. I still remember my favourite brand being Somerset Bay, sweet dresses with embroideries and beadings, crotchet cardigans that I would wear to school in the morning cause it was "cold" but was actually itching to take it off cause heat rash were popping out! Nothing beats that feeling of wanting to be cool back in primary school, just to get a little attention from that crush I've got back then. haha. Thought of it, I haven't had that for the longest time. le sigh.

How naive. Still is :P


evan said...

this entry is beautiful.

it made me smile

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