Sunday, April 04, 2010

I never

A week away from "home", free from worries, free from uncertainties, and studies. And spend time with people whom I love, and also getting fat. :P

Roaming the streets of Sydney, Sweet Disposition by Temper Trap was playing in my head. It reminds me the scenes from 500 days of Summer, where I walk next to high rise buildings that has stories behind, it was lovely.

Not much shopping done, but last night was fun. We played "I Never" and everyone got so happy. :) And I started posting stupid facebook statuses that didn't make sense. =DD I almost did something stupid lol

I'll miss these good times where I don't have to pretend, I don't have to think of what to say and be so aware of everything and cautious about everything I do.

And I finally getting back some sleep I didn't have for the past one week. :P Bliss :D

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