Saturday, April 24, 2010

It's time, meet me on the sunny road.

Guess who got a job!? :P

I realised I have been a very very determined person since, last year? When I said I will do it, I will do it.

Like how I told myself after I get a pair of overpriced Nike running shoes, I'll go running. And I did!!! Every alternate days (well you'll have to see the weather as well =P if it's all rainy and cold then NO! :P)

Then like how I told myself when I went back last summer to Malaysia, I'll get a part-time job to open up opportunities to get a job when I get back to Malaysia, I did, and I actually loved my job (except for the screwed up timetables of working like a full-time instead of a part-timer -_-) And though it wasn't long, only about a month, but I learnt so much. You think working in an accessories store is easy?? You think you're just standing there and don't have to do anything? You're wrong. You and your perception of me only spending my parent's money is wrong. You and your perception of people working in retail industry is easy and low paying and all you're wrong. It is low paying, but the science behind all of it, I've learnt it and I'm glad I did.

And then I told myself how I'd get a job one I'm back in Melbourne, I did!! And I'm happy. Though they do not follow any minimum wage rule thingy, but I am okay with my pay. Enough to make me a happy girl with buys. :) And what I'm working as?? The girl behind an Asian food stall in a food court. Busy, greasy, noisy and busy. AND hot. You think it's easy again for putting food on the plate?? Think again. I have to fit 3 scoops of rice into one 6 inch diameter plate, 2 heaping scoops of chicken and vegetables on top of the 3 scoops of rice, it requires some serious rocket scientist I'm telling ya. And every time I go to work I learn new things!! How cool is that???

And the best part is, what my boss told me about not getting burnt by the hot metal bars (that keeps the food warm) "You must not be afraid of the heat, if you're afraid then you'll get burnt" I thought the saying of if you play with fire then you'll get burnt didn't know this version exist, or maybe he just don't want his stall to be burnt down by me wtf!

And the best thing? The pay that comes with it. :) Thinking of the things I can buy just makes me... HAPPY! :D

That goes to my conclusion, we do grow older everyday and everyday we grow wiser, cause everyday we learn new things, acquire new things (shopping wtf) and from that you gain more.

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siewkwan said...

I love your positive attitude! :)