Sunday, April 11, 2010


It didn't strike me till this morning.

I remember during Chinese New Year or few days before, chinese newspapers started to publish about zodiacs and their luck for the year. Grandma (being the superstitious one) was reading all of the family members' zodiacs and telling one by one.

Grandma said to me "You're a horse right?" I nodded. "This year your luck is the best I tell you, there'll be success in your career (studies lor) but they say you must becareful that people will backstab you and say bad things about your success and glory."

How true. Maybe not so much of "success" but omg this is SO TRUE!!!! Yes incase you were wondering what happened, this is exactly what happened. But I'm happy, I'm happy that cause I got over the fact that I "met" with this whole incident, means the rest of the year will be great!! :D

The chinese calls it "应劫". Good to know. Now I'm off to do something meaningful to life, like eating chocolates. :D

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