Friday, April 23, 2010

Say hi to Eggs! :D

It never hit me till I check on Facebook and realise it is someone important's birthday today. Time differences, workload, has got the better of me. Not to mention I am PRETTY forgetful when there is no one to remind me about birthdays. :P

To one of my best friend, older sister and part of my backbone. Thank you for the support, the encouragement you always give, advices that always seem to help. Thank you. For all the pain that you've been through that you never deserve, you know I'll always be there, because I am selfless according to you. Because you know my shoulder is the best to lean on whenever you need one. :)

Well looks like we now have similar haircuts just that yours is longer!!! :P

And for the times we spent numerous amount of money on food, late night Pappa Rich moments and Old Town Ice White Milk Tea moments, Coffee Bean Chicago cheesecake and a cuppa ho vanilla for you and earl grey for me, not to mention the infamous teh yin yong nai from yau tak teng.

And for the times I spent hours waiting for you at Yen's (you still owe me!!) never I complained a single time that I was bored because I really wasn't!!!

We share so many things in common and we share the love of ViVi (inferiority complex wtf) and Lena Lena <3 <3 <3 And now that we'd share the love of silk garments and sheer textiles (lingerie wtf) I cannot wait to show you my new and improved wardrobe. :)

Happy Birthday, and remember that you always deserve happiness. And love from everyone. You need not be the one who pleases people by changing yourself because you're perfect in your own way. Like you said, pain makes you stronger, pain makes you grow. We've been through pain and not for long, happiness will find its way to your wardrobe wtf.

just to rub it in. :P

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revel in me said...

I remember all the times you waited for me at Yen's, and you know I am ever grateful. <333 I bought a vivi today because of you! April's edition-- sgd9 wtf.

I miss you, I love you, and my life is complete because of you girls. <3