Thursday, April 08, 2010


Today discovered that it is never too late to do something. I am going to start writing things about what is never too late to be achieved, when I have the mood to.

Today I discovered the childhood I never had. It saddens me a lot yet I felt so happy looking at the baby girl laughing while smashing avocado pieces onto the ground, and waved her sucking cup at me and giggled when I show her a 'cheers" pose with my diet coke.

Today I discovered that how pretentious one can be, but they can never hide from my x-ray eyes. Sometimes thinking too much does lead you to the truth, at least I won't be covered under lies that people tell, and innocence that people portray (or so they think) in their sheep's skin. I would skin them a live and make them into Mongolian gilets. The truth is always out there, like what someone told me, righteous will always win, I treat you with all my heart and you gave me shit, and now I feel like shit no thanks to you.

Today I discovered that I have no one to turn to anymore.

Maybe it is time for me claim for the love I never had from the family, love that will never expire even after I die, love that will heal all broken souls and shattered hearts.

Today I discovered that I am more than alone than I ever thought I am, then I was reading a letter that was given, it did make me feel much better and I promise I will be happier, maybe not as happy as before, but happier.

And I know that everytime when my lips shake when I cry, I'm truly sad. =(