Tuesday, May 04, 2010


I have been a very happy girl lately. So good to hear from the people you love, with good news. And also their voices just warms your heart. Then followed by a 6 hour long chat with Nancy, from boobs to shitting to chilli causing diarrhea to palm reading. We spent a good half hour googling how to read our palms. Hmm, looks like fate shall wait, success awaits as god creates (wtf trying to rhyme haha)

Not sure if the good news will come true but, hopefully *fingers crossed* and then it will be followed by more drama from the insecured one. :) Honey don't try impressing me with your unfulfilled words, look who's got what she wants now. :)

lemme give you one two step

WHEEEE finally got proper brogues!!!! Light tan leather, hard as hell, hurts like fuck for the first time, and it was a little too small. Prancing around after heating up with my hairdryer cause it was too hot resulting in a very high hui ting.

I can has brogues. I don't need high heels I don't need fierce shoes I just need a good pair of brogues. PAUL SMITH!!!!! No these are just leather brogues from Asos. :D

PS1 not!!!! Some leather rip-off I got while saving up wtf. I am a SUCKER for messenger bags, it's a good size, good colour, good length (shoulder strap) and I can remove the strap (or not, just tucking it in wtf) LIKE!!

my fake story book fml. -_-

what should I do next?? My lights seem to be always collapsing. NO LOVE!! =(

my new addiction. =( I am so addicted to this shit that I convince myself that to stop myself from being addicted is to finish the box (and try not to buy a new box wtf) it is fucking addictive. I had like 2 bars just typing this post, or was it 3. and I had another 1 this morning. -_- So... Oats are fiber right? That explain the active bowels these few days wtfffffff

And I watched IronMan2. It was... okay. I'm sorry I was never a fan of superhero shows cause he is not super!!!! He just uses technology and brains to figure out which wire to plug onto his chest and kaboom. And his iron will scratch wan how can!!??? Got enemy attack then scratch so lau ya!!!

Mmmmmm time to wear those new shoes and get blisters and stretch em <3


choco said...

fts ah. I keep eating those damn breakfast bars also. I'm pretty sure its not that good. -_- hahaha.

skim said...

fucking LOVEEEE those shoes.
and those evil uncle toby bars. they are supposed to be "healthy" but not at the rate i eat them...

mich said...

where did u get the ps1 look alike from??