Saturday, May 01, 2010

Tire desire


Sorry haven't been updating lately because I am working!! Glad to say that at least I'm not spending half my day doing noting and end up doing nothing the entire day!! And I'm earning good money so it's all good!! EH I'm getting paid almost as good as a fresh grad k (well if i convert to Ringgit)! :P And I'm working on my long weekend so it's all good.

And the best thing I don't waste my time doing nothing. Like nothing, just spend hours on facebook doing nothing. Now, I spend my time more wisely after I come back from work, I take a nap then dinner and I do my assignments!! Hence the lack of updates.

Then today I decided to update you guys a little cause I have been MIA-ing for quite some time :( A lot of assignments piling up and they all add up to a 110% no joke!! 40% for E-marketing, 30% tax law, 25% MPI and 15% Accounting Theory =/ And these are 4 out of my 5 assignments this semester and... So sad to say this semester is ending soon it's coming to week 9 then its exam and it's I'll be going home for bout 2 weeks and back again =/

Life has been in deep dilemma these days I don't know if I wanna stay longer in Melbourne. And do something that I love like venturing into designing or culinary. I'm a lost soul.

But at least now the assignments and work are keeping me busy from thinking about so many things. It's true, I did grow a lot stronger from before. And I like it.

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