Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I am an optimist

I love taxation law I love taxation law I love taxation law.

But when it comes to reality I know I'm shit scared for tomorrow's paper and there is no way the facts/cases/statutes will go into my brain through osmosis cause it's a fucking open book paper! I can do this *chants*

I just hope the lecturer didn't con us about the "exam format" T_T Wish me all the best people, by end of this paper I will be bald and when I go to Yen, I'll just say "I sat for a taxation law paper" and I think she'll just agree and give me a wig wtf

I have never feel so unprepared and yet I've got a good head start of 2 weeks before this paper (or even longer) and I'm still scared shitless T_T (diarrhea wtf keep shitting)

ok bye.

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jean` said...

all the best! ;)