Thursday, July 29, 2010

Gone were the innocence

Life was simpler not when apple and blackberry were just fruits. It was simpler when little shiny speckles on the ground seem like little diamonds, or a cheaper alternative, glitters. Shines under street lights and it amazes me everytime, and I always loved walking in the dark. Because you see the floor shine back at you. Then one day, as I was happily walking in the dark on top of those shining glittery roads, I never listened to what my mom told me, like she said, there were glass shattered into pieces that's why it reflects lights. I was happily walking till I got a cut for stepping into a pile of what was known as "glitter" and it was just small cuts. There, I learnt, not all things you see that is good on the outside, reflects what it actually was. What seemed like a happy fruit on the outside, may be spoil rotten deep down from the core. What seem like glitter and shiny diamonds, that may not be a fallen star from the sky, they are shattered glasses from the past which may bring you scars. Even stars high up which seem like diamonds, they're actually colliding each other, billions light years away, they're actually not as pretty as it seem far far away.

And then today I saw a reflection at the door that says happiness. Is that a sign?

I shouldn't let things disrupt me at this moment of time. It broke me once, it won't break me another time.

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