Tuesday, August 17, 2010


I know you would probably read the title and thought "oh hey there's another superficial post the youngest hoe sister is gonna post!" it must be one of the 12384282 million things that she want and probably found a way to get it! WHEE I shall go see and comment on how she anyhow spent her parent's money and let her feel all guilty and I feel so good commenting on her bad habits but I cannot afford it as well lol haha.

Seriously, whenever I see my blog stats (very sad don't look) I think about THIS. Because all you care is about other people's frivolous lives, but not the meaning in those happenings. All you care is what people ate, what people bought, what gossips, what new shit is happening to the world. But that is all only at the surface, how well do you know ME? How many of you actually KNOW my actual age? Or whatever that I'm doing now?

Why does my life interest you so much that you return, over and over, is it cause of actually the content? Or that you're simply in search of self entertainment?

It's week 5 already. Still as lost. Still as clueless. I don't know where this is bringing me to.


Anonymous said...

hey, i think its normal to be feeling lost here and there still in week 5.im lost myself too. you just need to keep in mind,cross the bridge when ure there. maybe you will have a clearer picture by sept?

cheer up!

sulynn said...

i read you because i think you're real. okay gosh that didnt come out right obviously you're a real human being but i hope you get what i'm trying to say- the real deal :)

sure, pictures and shopping purchases and happy eats always are a crowd pleaser, and you can't blame people for coming back for more, we humans are such visual beings and girllll, your pictures so pretty loh!

take it as a compliment, and try not to overthink it. (i know easier said than done, our female hormones are just amazing right)

if it matters, i'm not only reading you for the 'happenings', i read you cos i think you're real. :)

*hugs* week 5 and i really dont wanna graduate /terrified of the real world.

lauranne said...

i return here because i like you *shy* i like reading your thoughts my dear! =) your thoughts, your life are worth being known =D although it will never be the same as having a real conversation with you i admit!

thanks for always updating your blog!!