Wednesday, September 08, 2010


I missed the times when people used to collect comics, original comics, every week or every period it's published

I missed the times when you take pictures using film, and wait for mommy to develop the pictures of us then you steal the negatives to play with and lose it. Then you look at your friends' digital camera with envy and figure out how to use it.

I missed the times when I sneak into kids rides in Genting even though I'm taller than 4 feet, and I'll play the horse riding fake solero shot ride, up and down, twas fun.

I missed blowing air into my stomach and pretend that I'm very fat back when I was 18kgs (age 7 heh), now my weight is like quite near the digits terbalik (not that heavy laaaaa I'm serious T-T)

I missed having to share rooms with my sisters and they'll switch the lights off for me when it's bedtime.

I missed the Malaysian version of Milo, the one in Australia just taste like chocolate milk.

I missed the times when my mom would take day offs, and i'll ask her to french braid my hair.

I missed the times I called my mom (disadvantage of your kids knowing your office number) and call and lied that I had tummy ache and skipped school. I was 8. :P

I missed the times where my granny would wake up really early to cook her version of Char Kuey Teow for breakfast, and I'll tapau it to school in my white top container. :)

I missed the times when I carry my tumbler (see so cute the name, it's high quality plastic water bottle!) in a floral fabric casing my granny made from her leftover fabrics of her dress. It was really special and I carried to school everyday.

I missed the times when I would bring a cardigan to school just cause the other rich girl in my class has one in Mint green, and the cardigan was from Somerset Bay, good times good times. And long story, I was best friends with the rich girl, and she invited me to her birthday party but I had extra classes, her father offered to chaffeur me in his E class, complete with driver whoa lux. I still remember her grandfather runs See Hoy Chan. Her name is Teo Li Ping wtf hahaha my memory damn goooooodddd :P:P

I missed buying stationary from the puay chai book store!! I still remember the scent and the aircon (where I always stand in front to enjoy the cool air wtf). I still remember the aunty's face.

I missed my primary school, not sure what has become now, the teachers, the people, and the very very kind Indian security guard who stopped a passing car at 8pm to call my dad to pick me up, cause I was the last one waiting for my mom to pick me =(((( I was 7. I blindly waited for my mom to pick me up from school and one by one the students left and left me alone T_T

I missed playing Miss Hong Kong with barbie dolls. My diving barbie named Felicia's feet was bitten off by god knows what and it's now pai ka T_T

Can growing old and growing up be optional?


revel in me said...

Hahahahha I remember Felicia!! And hiong gong siu che wtf. Nevermind, nevermind, you still have Stanley as one of the contestants WTFFFFF (do you remember Stanley hahahahahhaha)

Jing said...


I remember my Michelle is the reigning beauty queen for 3 consecutive rounds! *flips hair* :P

Eh u emo cos u were searching for ur primary school friends in FB issit! :P