Sunday, October 24, 2010


When was the last time you admitted that you did something wrong and apologised for it?

When was the last time you admitted you were afraid, insecure, anxious, sad, happy, or have feelings for something that happened, be it good or bad, fortunate or unfortunate?

Do we admit what we actually are inside? Let people know what we're made off? Or we just put on this shield that hides us away from what we are?

Aren't we all a little insecure about things, about friends, family, love, hate, people, dogs, cats. Everything. Some got over it, some have their insecurities got the better of them, some just got used to it. In my case, the latter. But some never got over it and just let it take over themselves, turning to this monster that no one recognises and to step down on others to make them feel better. But what makes them "powerful" are the insecurities in the past, that haunt them, they couldn't let loose. They want to be stronger and better, to not let something hold them back.

Will people get stronger when they are faced with more of their fears or their weaker points? They say what doens't kill you makes you stronger but how far will it take you?

What I feel now is I'm uncertain about my future. Insecure in a way.

But what do you think? Do you think that some of they people you know may have things that they wouldn't want people to know off that they're weak and hence their behaviour? Is there really something that can conquer it?

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