Friday, November 05, 2010

Fast Forward tp Spring

It has been a while since Melbourne is all sunny and cooling without sending chills down your spine, chattering teeth and you can sip on a good Venti sized iced caramel macchiato for free :P Did I say iced? Oh yes. (thanks Nancy I know you're reading this :P). But the day was started off with crazy ass young girls who're too free to go study but instead dropping by Flemington for horse racing, chaocheebye I wanted to pour ice lemon tea down her white dress when she screamed "anyone has some water?". The crowd would probably thank me by giving me round of applause (thank you thank you, you're far too kind)

I haven't been taking picture of myself and I'm feeling prettyyyyyyy :) It was kinda hard tugging in my dress into my leggings wtf summore it's long sleeves (OH shit I DO have a long sleeve maxi dress, Manman @ revel-in-me wtf no need to buy already hahaha)

Guess where :P

Like finally after so so so long, ok la not very long maybe one failed attempt, it was very easy with the guidance of a nice dodgy old man (here's a virtual heart for you!) and he poked me with his tongkat hahahaha so cute to tell me to stop here *aww*


my failed attempt modelling pictures wtf was I doing in the last one -_- I'd be struck by lightning with that ducklips hahahahaha

Oh incase you were wondering I bought a maxidress that is sheer without looking properly wtf and the dress is sheer all through and through, perfect for summer hahahahaha If I can find an appropriate sized granny panties/diapers (ala Project Runway) to wear out :P And yes I was wearing pants underneath :) So fun when the strong wind blows my skirt flies up, almost covering my head hahahahahahah glad I had something underneath and it was also cold-ish yesterday *warm* :P

Oh how I love the sunshine!!! Takes really flawless pictures with my PRO camera hahahahaha

I may or may not have liquified myself half my size wtf but I is happy cause at least I look flawless n pictures :P But if you zoom in enough you can see my pores!!!! :D

Note to self: trim fringe or keep it long.

wearing: Hong Kong white sweater; topshop leather jacket; H&M chiffon+knit asymmetrical hoodie; asos sheer maxi dress; YSL Arty ring; Forever New boots; Ralph Lauren bag; F21 sunnies.

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