Tuesday, November 02, 2010


You know sometimes it pains me so much that, some people work so hard to get something. And some don't. Things just come so easily for them.

I know I'm blessed with so many things. But you don't know, I worked for them. Sacrifices were made, in different ways, be it hard work, tears and joy, you give something you take something.

But some, they're just born lucky, so lucky that things were spoonfed, it's like a chinese saying, you put your hands out you get gold, and you open your mouth you get rice. And then there are those you get to be such SOMEBODY. A very common and good example, bloggers. They get the recognition by writing with their wit, or showing a pretty face, they get really high readerships ( by high I mean like 100k and above) and they get lavished with gifts. Then there are those who are left with nothing (i.e. me haha).

As much as I don't want to sound like a sour prune (I am so being one here), do I really want to be a nobody? What do I get if I'm a somebody (not just in blogging world, but be successful and be recognised by what you do in life)

So many people clad in black jackets and sleek blazers everyday, are they content with their lives? Or are they just merely working for the sake of making a living). And are they just living as a nobody when the competition is so tight out there??

What is it like? Is it different in the corporate world or in other industries, be it blogging or advertising or business. Are those not as outstanding not working hard enough? Or are they outshine by the "too-successful"?

They always say hard work pays off, but I remember the day I left my job, I was left with bites all over my legs I couldn't even stand properly. Yes I do get my pay (not as well as others cause well It's Azn) but is it all worth it? I get work experience at some azn food stall. And others work just as hard (prolly not) and get paid like twice as much. Is that exploitation? I don't know.

Is recognition really that important that, if you're not recognised your not considered successful?

Someone shed some light over here?

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mizzvickz said...

Outstanding people in the work place usually have a certain degree of substance because most people can tell immediately if that person is just a person who is just pure ALL TALK only or whether that person REALLY knows his/her stuff.

But with that being said, there are people who are up in the ranks who don't seem to know much as well. These people tend to 'tai chi' alot to mask the fact that they don't know their stuff while some just keep going round in circles trying to act smart while anyone can see right through them that they know nuts.

Some have it 'lucky' I suppose?

Some people work hard but their efforts go unrecognized while some are a tad more lucky to have opportunities to shine or if they have a boss who favours them.

I realized that although it's important to work hard, what I see around me is that sometimes, working hard bears little recognition because....chances are that your boss goes home early from work hence doesn't notice that you've been working all night and chances are that he doesn't come back during weekends to see you slogging away in the office on a precious weekend!

Imagine the number of fresh grads in the market and imagine that all of them are equally as hardworking. It's like having tons of stars in the workplace. All of them shine but bosses will tend to only notice the brightest star.

Nowadays, working hard alone doesn't cut it because it's already expected out of you.

It's a rat race! You could be good, but there will always be someone better unless you are the best around!

Anyone ambitious would naturally want recognition (esp from their bosses) and I believe that recognition and success is positively correlated but recognition could also be linked to other elements such as hard work, contributing bright ideas, etc...so it really depends on what kind of recognition one is looking for.

Also, success is relative too. Some people could have all the success at work but could fail miserably in their personal lives. Some are contented with what they are doing and deem themselves successful having met their own personal targets despite not getting due recognition.

At the end of the day, just do your best and IF it goes unrecognized and if one is feeling all demotivated about it (due to lack of recognition), it's not as though that there aren't any other jobs in town. The world is your oyster ;)

Wow. That was one long comment! :P