Thursday, December 23, 2010

3 years

dter 3 years of nonstop torturing, abundant of assignment, probably written over a million words for my reports and whatnots, I have finally graduated.

The chancellor was like "all the best in your future" in his fluffy cap.

Then off I go into this cruel world name the corporate world. Where people dress in structured suits, different shades of black (who knew right, black). Blistered toes from walking around the buildings, corporate talks, investments, sleepless nights.

I've yet to take my very first step into actually looking for a job, I'm doomed. I'm lost, as always. I'm still thinking if I want to stay on or go back, for good. Either way ends with a for good. I want to travel, alone, with someone, with family. Either way. With friends, aren't we all always blinded by chic flicks like Sex and the City, we stroll along the streets of Manhattan, laughters and heels, Gucci suits and Halston dresses. I want to do that some day but maybe just some other day, but not now. Right now I have more things to worry about.

Is this how it feels like? Not knowing where to go but given a slight chance of just trying and afraid of losing everything and failing? Is this what graduating is all about??

But I know no matter where I go or whatever I want to do, these people will always be there for me. Right?


3 years, 24 units, countless sleepless nights, teardrops, worries later, I've got this "key" to "success".

that's my dad behind looking super sian cause he's hungry and tired! :P

Oh how corny.

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revel in me said...

YESSS!! To your question. :)