Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Sorry for not updating properly lately but my sisters are here in Melbourne with me and my parents just touched down this morning!!!! :) Had scrumptious lunch and yummy desserts!! :) Don't expect much updates here cause my camera is half alive, I can only do manual focus now (not that I'm complaining, it's wayyyyyy less than half dead and I can still snap pretty pictures :D) And I did not take any pictures in Sydney cause my camera was well, in ICU. =( Anyway, watch this space! My graduation is this Thursday!!! *heart*

Argh I don't wanna leave Melbourne!!!! :(

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*xen said...

The 5 simple rules are so true.. i give so much to Chanel and it truly does make me happy :D congrats on graduating and have fun with your family!

Moving back isnt all that bad, I gave up on my PR to be back in KL because ultimately I knew I would be happier here (despite the change in lifestyle and $$). Dont worry too much about finding a job.. go with the flow and something you like will eventually pop up!