Friday, December 03, 2010

What I've been up to

Long story cut short:


I'm not too happy with my grades, well not too happy with one of the grades la cause I thought I'd do a lot better than a D. But I got 3Ds :D happy happy joy joy. :) Erm, but I need to go on a vegetarian diet again. It's my promise to my beloved Guan Yin Ma or whatever god that I'm praying to, I need to sacrifice something to get something right? :D yayyyyy Now I don't have to worry about calling people telling them I want to die cause I thought I might fail my accounting paper *touch wood*

Official results were published last night but I only manage to check it at 2am on the 4th December. Cause some stupid Monash Debtors problem -_- ccb not even my fault lor

Example of Melbourne's crazy weather.

It was sunny at like 3.45pm and at 4.12 pm I heard my housemate saying that weather forecast thunder storm.

I look out the sky it was like this


Then less than 5 minutes later, more dark clouds emerged covering the sky =/

Then 30 minutes later it was clear and all blue. And the sunset was Red. Gorgeous.

Then we were checking our letter boxes and guess what came!?? :)

My 15inch Cambridge Batchel (with top handle so it's call a batchel) in Mustard (actually is yellow but I wanna call it mustard :P) with my initials. <3

THANK YOU!!!!! :):):):)

And after some searching, I finally found amethyst pendant!!! :D Saw it on Garypeppervintage going for AUD49 without shipping and I got this for only $15!! Need to find a chain for it though =P


My week hasn't been too well. I mean it's not bad, but it's not fantastic either. Trying to settle my results stuff is tough shit. Had to go to the office several times and it's tiring okay -_- Keep rechecking fucking and finally paid off. Well at least I graduated. :P

And I'm turning 20 in less than 3 days D:


Jing said...


See u in 4 days!!! *excited*

sharon said...

I was looking at the skies and I was like wow. whoaa. oooh.

Then I read on and saw that bag big I was like WAHHHHHHHH FUCK I WANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! T_T

Nice results, nice bag, nice pendant = You rule the world. Congrats again bye! T_T

sharon said...

bag pic* not big T_T
see how it fucked my brain!!!

Ami Schaheera said...

in love with your batchel + pendant! what more with your initials, sooo jealous <3

Anonymous said...

AHH!! ting! where did you find that gorgeous pendant!!

mustardqueen said...

jing: thank u thank u!! :D See u soon =D

sharon: HAAHAHAHAHA no need jealous la!!! U can also get similar satchels online ma!! :D LOL I thuoght you got one i saw ur pics of ur london trip!! :D Tan is nice, i was deciding between purple green yellow and tan =P

ami: Thank u!!! :))

anon: I got it from night market in Melbourne. :)

Joshua said...


I think I may end up with Yellow also. HATE YOU FOR GETTING IT FIRSTTTT. I still have half a year to go before I order and pick up mine in Europe. T.T