Monday, January 17, 2011

The French Toast Project

As much as I hate admitting that I have a very sweet tooth, I do lovelovelovelove having sweets over savoury.

I usually prefer to kick start my day with a banana (asian bananas preferred shit this sounds damn wrong but I hope you get what I mean cause the malaysian bananas are sweeter heh) or if we're heading out I prefer to order something sweet.

And one day in Sydney we decided to head to Ampersand Cafe Bookstore, this quaint little cafe along Oxford Street towards Paddington. They sell books lots and lots of them, they too serve very good lattes. And I ordered a French toast served with poached rhubarb & lemon mascarpone.

Never turn back since. I love the slight tangy mascarpone with some orange skin shavings. The rhubarb was a tad too sour but paired with the slight sweetened french toast, it was heavenly.

the French toast itself wasn't the traditional kinda of egg dipped fried french toast, it was grilled as seen from the charred marks. Lightly brushed with honey and dust with icing sugar.

Next it was this random cafe, Brown Sugar cafe somewhere between Little Collins and Bourke Street. I ordered the french toast with caramelised apple (notice the trend, everything is damn sweet) with a side of kransky. I still love my savories cause I knew that having just a french toast wouldn't be enough :P

Maybe it's the butter that makes it more fragrant. Quit3e ordinary but love the apples. It was still slight crispy with a dash of cinnamon, caramelised to perfection :D

Next up Mart130's Vanilla mascarpone with bananas on thick sourdough served with orange zesty syrup. YUMS!!! I super love this. Not french toast but close!! They replaced it with vanilla ice cream cause they ran out of the orange zest mascarpone =(( I think that would taste way better than the ice cream. The nuts adds so much flavour to this dish, and I love bananas, and I love maple syrup and they added some orange zest in it. I'd die to go back another time just to have it one more time. D:

Tell me babies where else in KL serves heavenly french toasts (western style la don't tell me to go Kim Gary please -_-)

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revel in me said...

I was present at all those french toast sessions!<3

I will be your french toast if you'll become my maple syrup wtfff

Btw, Kim Gary's french toast nice whattttt!!