Monday, February 07, 2011

Hip bones and Collar bones

Before you disagree with me or any sort, NO this is not some progress blog (i have better else where to share those info heh) but just trying to say what I've achieved since I've started my "diet".

I'm still saying "diet" with the inverted commas cause, I still cannot believe I'm doing this :) I'll try my very best to workout as much as I can (YEAY After I return to Melbourne Rach's place has a gym :D) and eat as healthily as I can.

Shit I just remembered I still have some brocolli, cauliflower, kimchi, wombok, yogurt in the fridge!! How to finish fml.

I've been having freshly squeezed orange juice for the past few days, nothing beats fresh orange pulp bursting in your mouth on a hot sunday morning :D With Popiah hehehe new favourite food and it is yummy :P Yogurt and muesli, sometimes with cornflakes.

Diet for me is quite expensive cause I have to buy muesli (which costs like RM11 in supermarkets) and the stupid cornflakes is like RM14 for quite a small box but it is yummy (except for the fact that muesli tastes like, rabbit food haha for rabbit year wtf)

A picture of me taken MOST recently, this afternoon before house visiting. This is me with my Kimchi Ji Gae. Love kimchi stew! So yummy and apparently there's less than 100 cals per serve!! Hand me 5 a day anytime haha And it's so filling and yummy I love kimchi I can eat them everyday. Just like how I can look at my Yung-Hwa everyday wtf

COLLARBONES :D:D:D:D:D this is the very first thing I realise after losing a few kilos (and gaining 1-2kgs fml I hope it's muscles diu) Sorry picture super small cause I crop it from a collage my friend took of all 6 of us in the restaurant lol.

left is where I am right now. right is where I want to be. I wanna have super thin and long legs!!! I already have the height why not make it thinner right right right *ambitious*

ps: if you're thinking if I liquified my legs on the "before" pic cause of the unevenness, it's actually my cellulite. I don't have toned legs like models you see.

To all the commentators regarding the diet plan, we can all do this. :) All you need is 3 hours of exercise a week!! Not that hard yea!!!! =DD


~ Jennyeful's Life ~ said...

way to go!! u can do it!! =)

Thistle Trinkets said...

Ting, I hope you don't mind, but can you share some tips on what types of food u eat and how do u get all the calories info from??

I have been good doing exercise this past few weeks, but yet to achieve anything arghhh... I tried not to be to drastic with my food plan...but I am guessing I need more action there...

Xen Lee ♥ said...

WOMBOK! :D when i just got back, I requested my mom to get this so I could make soup.. she was giving me a wtf face. WTH is a WOMBOK? HAHAH..

Btw, kimchi jiggae is reaaally simple to make (: you can make it back in Melb with just a tub of kimchi, gochujang, and a bit of lean meat (or are you going all the way, vegetarian style?).

You look like you are progressing pretty well with the diet! (: Maybe you can add a glass of warm water+lemon juice to start your day? It has to be the first thing you drink when you wake up.. I find it very beneficial, just google it (: I need to start with my diet (again) too, you will be my source of inspiration! But after Taiwan.. hehe :D after that, NO MORE PROCRASTINATING!!

Anonymous said...

But I go gym almost 5 times a week and i don't lose much weight!!! rice portions are reduced drastically.. but effects not as good as yours.. do share your diet plan?

mustardqueen said...

jennyeful life: Thank u!! That's all I need now, support!!:D

thistle trinkets: i usually google the calories like orange juice calories then the first link is usually the one I go to. If not try it's like to monitor ur progress and can record ur food intake and cals, then the exercie and output. :) What sort of exercise are u doing? Do more cardio, it works better than any other kinds of exercise (for me at least) :) All the best anything lets share it hahaha

xen: KIMCHI~~~ WOMBOK~~~ hahah yah i made my own kimchi stew, i boil soup with pork ribs then add kimchi inside plus 1 egg super syok nomnom Yeah i heard the lemon water thing works is it?? Cause I see ppl doing that to "kick start metabolism" wtf.

Just try to cut down on the starchy things in Taiwan and all is good! Bubble tea exempted hehehe

anon: mm my progress is not thattttt good maybe u misunderstood my b4 and after pic cause before pic is my current legs, and after is a photoshopped version of what I want my legs to look like LOL. But maybe ur nt doing the right exercises hence not losing weight as efficiently?? Also cutting down on rice is good, but SUGAR (things like teh ais, coke, desserts are all fattening) try fruits instead!! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're fat AT ALL. But if you feel the need to lose weight and live healthier, I support! Go go! :)

Anonymous said...

LOL would teh ais kosong, diet coke help? still i think where u are at now looks healthy.. I've been going at this almost my whole life.. but results not as good.. I haven't yet thrown in the towel tho.. still exercising and having hope... *looks into space*

blind said...

I can tell the difference between the before and after picture. LOL

blind said...


mustardqueen said...

anon2: HOHO trust me, thunder thighs, tummy, flabby arms, if that's not fat I don't know what is!!! story of my life lol and YES I do want to live healthier, I'm cutting fast food and junk food off my life. Haven't touched fast food in a few weeks I already feel better :)

anon3: Mmm teh ais kosong still has milk which carries quite a bit of calories (maybe try skim milk but doubt mamak has it lol) haih, just try exercising la, eventually it will work!!!!! :) All the best =D

blind: FML really no difference ar, u can see there's a bigger gap between the thighs hahahahaha

Tash said...

Glad you're doing it to live healthier. Im doing the same thing too. Cant even remember the last time I had fast food dy. It will be hard at first but it will be all worth it when you see the result :) Keep it up babe! You can do it!

L said...

Keep up the good work Ting! All it matters to us readers is that you are happy living your life. Jia you!

mustardqueen said...

tash: Yeay to us :) hahaha wow if u cant rmbr when u had fast food means its really long ago!! Good job :D

L: Thank u!!! haha living THE life now :P

adel said...

I'm inspired just by reading about your determination to lose weight.

Thank you!

I think I'm gonna start my diet already. I'm feeling fat. Fats bulging fuglily. FML

Oh and yes, so true, diet is EXPENSIVE. Lol FOL!

mustardqueen said...

adel: :) Not an inspiration la cause I'm just taking initiative to start on a diet and working hard on it :P hahahha I was watching Biggest Loser just now and even more determine to lose weight =p