Wednesday, April 13, 2011


No extra brownie points if you guessed correctly where I have been to holidays, not a secret anymore if you're on my twitter (I feel sorry for you if you're not hahahahaah). Manage to met up with YJ after 2 very expensive phone calls using my prepaid malaysian phone cause I didn't have the local mobile with me T_T And manage to get my sis to call YJ to meet me at MAC counter HAHA!!! And seriously the hospitality in Korea is like... crazy... my friend refuse to let me buy her meals and she insist that I buy her coffee instead!!! And they are just crazy nice T_T

Greeted with this super foreign facebook login page, for which I do not understand a single thing wtf


Please do not assume that the weather is warm in Korea cause I was in my absolute crazy mode that I wasn't wearing any stockings hahahaha and my skirt was mad short (so I layered my knitted shorts underneath to keep the lady bits warm lol. Odeng is yummy, especially eating out from a stick! :D

Love how my pictures turn out :P It always look better when I take pictures in other countries :P:P:P

more to come.... x.


Lauranne said...

woyyyy jealous you get to travel everywhere!!!!! i waaaaant!!

Xen Lee ♥ said...

pretty girls look pretty ANYWHERE/ANYHOW okay :D btw is that the Zara skirt??

mustardqueen said...

lauranne: HAHAHAHAHA unemployment benefit WTF!!! You also can whatttt travel around australia =DDDD

xen: You're far too kind <3 But i think my camera lens likes cold weather and it looks nicer when it's cold hehehe and YES it is THAT Zara skirt. Didn't like how it look on me at first then after few tries love it more ;D