Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Teeny weeny

Ultimate goal:

Is to fit into this bikini. And actually be able to afford buying this lovely swimsuit from miumiu, and wear it, and actually feel good wearing a bikini. roar.


Isn't this the most beautiful thing ever since McShaker fries?

And that ain't call no goal for no reason ok. I think I'll go with the navy one cause I'll look naked if I wear the nude one. :D


Wendy said...

They look really pretty =) I like the blue one anyway and I'm sure you'll look lovely in it!

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skim said...

it kinda looks like underwear but in a good way haha. how much is it?

Anonymous said...

Saw you at the gym last night. Looking good!

mustardqueen said...

wendy: hey looked at ur blog!! Love the recipes and will definitely try out some of them! :) I'm always up for a little pumpkin in my dinner/lunches ;P I'm thinking of the blue too cause really I think I'll look too naked in the nude one! No pun intended haha

skim: hahahaha I get what u mean cos it's all underwired and bra like! They're bout 200 pounds -_- so I need to save up, and by the time I manage to save up hopefully I'm all thin and fit and they are still available!

anon: er thank u but I bet I look like shit all sweaty and no makeup! Please say hi the next time?? I feel like I'm being stalked if I don't know who you are!!! :)

J said...

LOL! I'll wave and say hello the next time I see you!

PS: i am not the anon who posted above!

mustardqueen said...

J: u serious u saw me at the gym too!? Shit man this is scary hahahahahaa HOW MANY OF YOU ARE ACTUALLY FF MEMBERS!!!! I think I need to slap on A LOT of makeup ahhahahahahahah