Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Long long long LONG WAY



All I can say is I've came a long way.... Fuck man look how dark I was when I was 14!!!! It took me like 9 years to become 5 shades fairer and I'm not even exaggerating!!! D: (long story short, I went on a beach trip to Pangkor when I was 11 and I was burnt till charcoal, and was dark till like few years ago and my skin started to lighten a little and now I have slight fairer/pucat skin fml)

thanks to le bestie for tagging me this pic on FB! hahahahah they say bad decisions make good stories! AGREE!!! These are those true moments where you don't really blame your friend for tagging unglam pictures of yourself but to laugh it off cause seriously I looked pretty damn bad last time hahahahahahahahaahha damn funny omg.

Well, but that doesn't change who I am =P

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