Sunday, August 14, 2011

Mango Tango


I need to whip out my camera to take proper pictures not just phone camera!!!! I wanna do food photography can??? hahahaha I need a prettier dining table, a prettier house and a prettier kitchen. Too greedy meh.

MANGO CHEESECAKE!!!! The last time I had this was when le bestie's mom made them for me cause she knows I love them (and also my extended family WTF). This time cause I was low on cream cheese so I used 250gms of cream cheese instead of 500gm so it turned out to be more moussy than like a cheesecake. This is a no-bake recipe, and I was just roughly estimating the amount of gelatine to use, so I think I only used like... half a tablespoon instead of one -_- Hence the mousse like texture but taste wise it is AWTHUMMMM :D

You'll need:

500gm mangoes, cubed (I use 2 Waterlily mango, super sweet!)
500gm cream cheese (I was too kiamsap, I used 250gm)
1/4 cup sugar or enough to taste (my mangoes are already really sweet!)
juice of 1 lemon
zest of 1 lemon
1/4 cup water
1 tbs gelatine powder (fuck did you know after you dissolve gelatine it smells like ass? like literally)
300ml cream (I used non-dairy cream, it's more sweet than the usual milky rich cream, but you can use normal whipping cream)
about 8-10 Digestives biscuits, crumbed
1/4 cup butter, melted

You will have to:
- mix melted butter + digestives biscuits, pour into your pan/mould and press firmly with your fingers or a spoon, chill in freezer till you need it.
- dissolve gelatine in water in microwave for about 20 seconds (BEWARE: Smells REALLY bad). Stir well and set aside to cool.
- cream the cheese and sugar with lemon zest and juice. Blend cream with half of the mangoes.
- Mix the mango cream into cream cheese mixture, add in gelatine and mix well.
- Gently fold in remaining mango cubes into cheesecake batter, then pour onto prepared pan/mould.
- Refrigerate for few hours or overnight till set.

I realise I used more butter than required cause I didn't weigh/measure how much butter I needed but just a rough estimation, so when it's chilled the butter hardens and hence my base is more crunchy/hard. But who can complain when it's DIGESTIVES biscuit base hahahaha. LOVE! Try it, it really is damn yums =D

Also I've read some recipes that they used WHIPPED cream (well you whip it yourself la, store bought ones are just horrible), does it help it to set more?

Talking about le bestie (i miss her loads boo), look at her DS Lite skin!!! SO CUTEEEEEE TOKIDOKI ROAR MONSTER BLABLABLACKSHEEP TOO KIUT.

yeay thigh gap hahahaha this was taken 1 mth back. I've gained like... 5 kgs over the past month, I'm almost back to my original weight, fuck me.


Wendy said...

I'm such an avid reader of your blog and have been following the documentation of your diet on here with much delight! I really hope you find the motivation to stay on with healthy eating and exercise! I hope you're exaggerating because putting on 5kg over 1 month isn't healthy and can actually damage your liver. With the weight you've lost, your metabolism could have slowed so if you are looking to continue dieting it may be even harder but I know you can do it! I wish you the best of luck =)

mustardqueen said...

wendy: hmm maybe not 5 la but definitely at least 3kgs HAHAHAHA a bit of exaggeration but really. I've gained weight but I feel that not that much of weight cause I havent been working out for the past few weeks (only started bout 2 weeks ago) and prolly thats why been gaining muscle weight and water weight. I'm starting to think that weight is not what I am cause when I drink a lot of water after a workout sesh I "gained" weight but actually it's the 1-2 litres of water I downed LOLLLL but thank you for your kind concern!!!