Monday, September 12, 2011

Words don't come easy


I don't know how to put this in words. Many people have asked me and wondered what I have been doing for the past few months and so many months has gone by. To be honest, I have been doing nothing. It must sound really disgusting, living off my parents, all I do is waste money (well that is all what you're concern about no? how we spend our money, really it's none of your business) and waste time cooking. I mean to me it's not a waste of time, it's something I find enjoyment in doing, past the time. And no, I have not found a job. And no I don't need you to tell me what I need to do, really, I spent most of my lives listening to what I should do, but actually what I COULD and WOULD do, is totally different from what I should do and what I wanna do. WOULDA COULDA SHOULDA whatever.

Life goes on and so here I am. I'll be taking some time off, to myself, with full support of my parents and rest of my family and my friends (well most of them don't have a choice anyway haha) and I'm going away for couple of weeks. There is a return ticket, don't worry (unless anything happens *touch wood*).

What I know is this ticket comes with a complete package that will guarantee me with unlimited time to myself (#foreveralone wtf), happiness, soul searching and maybe discover a side of me that I never know and a guaranteed lifetime experience that though money is spent to gain it, but it's something more than, way way way much more than what money can buy . It has always been a dream of mine to go away on my own, search for things that I've never seen before, discovering new routes in life, eating different weird food and delicious ones of course :P Maybe I have been too hard on myself on the whole diet fitness thing, maybe I am unsure what I want in life, maybe a break from routines is all I need.But here I don't need any of your judgments nor your support, if you hate what I'm doing, I can't do a thing, if you are here for me to show your support, I thank you in advance.

I will still be updating this site when I get the chance too, some might be scheduled, some might be impromptu, who knows? :)

I just hope this hiatus won't go on for too long, but then again, who knows how long this will take? How far will I go? Only time will tell.

All the best in your lives, come back soon, there will be updates, I promise. :) *crosses pinky*


Anonymous said...

How I wish that I'll have the courage to do the same thing as you...
But most of the time i just plan for it and the plan will never work out.
All the best to you and take good care of yourself in the journey to find the new routes of your life.

Eve said...

All the best! Just dont be like this guy who took a gap year and now into his 8th year of travelling.

i mean who's to complain right? I wish i can do the same too :)

Lisa! said...

I am so happy for you!

And I am sure this trip would be amazing! I had one of those solo travel trips across Europe earlier this summer and since then I am telling everyone they need to do this! Travel, find themselves, and ultimately find their happiness!

If you stop by Olso,Norway, you have to tell me!

And if you ever need any tip on traveling on a budget (probably not) around Europe tell me too!
I had been on the Inter-rail earlier this summer across the length of Europe, so I know a wee bit!

Kim L. said...

All the best mustardqueen! Travelling alone is the best way to know yourself. Hopefully you'll gain something from your trip.

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Miss Mellisa said...

You have my greatest support Mustard Queen. I myself wish I could do the same, break away from my daily routine and go on a trip. Have fun and all the best! Do share with us your experience :)

bs said...

i totally wanna do the same thing too! travel on my own after graduating.. but i don't think my parents would let me :(

Rachelle said...

I hope you find what you're looking for :) and so much more!

Ah~ traveling will be so awesome! ^__^ If you ever find yourself in the midwest part of US (very doubtful.. since there's literally nothing to do here), lemme know xD

J said...

why does it feel like its a goodbye forever? =(

Mustardqueen said...

Anon: because i dont want to regret mydecisions later
In life :) all u beed is sone support and courage and
Dont try to make such big goals that is hard to reach :) all the best i know u can do this

Eve: hahahha must be damn rich to do that right one year become eight years wtf maybe u can do this later on just not now la

Lisa: lol thank h love ur in norway now is it?! Drop me an email about traveling tips im sure it'll come in handy somedy :)hopefully it'l bring me lots of happiness and finding myself :)

Kim: thank u love hopefully this journy is good
Enoigh for me to develop more of myself and make me
A better person

Melissa: will definitely share it here i'll never skip a chanxe to sharw my life in my blog lol :)

Bs: do it after u get a job or just go!!! I'm sure if u wanna do somethin u love they will support you im sure :)

Rachelle: hahhaha which psrt of US are u at now let me know!! And thank u!!:)

J: CHOII!! what forever im coming back ok!!

Rachelle said...

Haha I'm currently in Minnesota. :X There's the Mall of America here.. (and that's literally one of the ONLY reasons tourists ever visit.. but then I don't see why also, since the shops/department stores are available in any major city what.. >.< I'm making it sound damn sad.)
Er, we also crazy unpredictable weather to offer, and lots of lakes! :D