Monday, October 03, 2011


Some call it itchy backside but I prefer to call it jetsetting. :P

Finally home, and let's just say the past month has been a whirlwind of emotions, homesickness and a little weaker (in the sense of stamina haha). Buckets of tears were shed but that only prove that I'm still alive and still going on. :)

Reinstated my gym membership and went for my first session today, huffed like the big bad wolf during combat and skipped a track. My heart was beating so fast that I left to the ladies and lied flat on the bench and blacked out for a moment, was pretty intense considering that I almost puked after drinking a little water and hence leaving half way for a quick break and continue again. On a brighter note my 1km run time improved, only by a mere 6 seconds but this time I ran from start till end and kept going till about 1.5k!!!

A little upset today cause I wanted to sign up for the Nike KL 10k run thing but it's full already =(((((( I'm trying to look for marathons to test my limits and GO FOR IT!!!

Anyway continuation from my first sentence.

Guess where I'm heading next :P


seriously my grin is like super wide hahahahaha

SEOUL YA'LL!!! I'll be heading with Wen for the 2nd time and I'll be meeting Seulgi my pretty petite baby =D SO EXCITED!!!! And and and the best thing is I booked my tickets less than 48 hours before departure. #likeaboss #winning

SHOPPING and dressing up!!! :D:D:D:D:D Neeeee

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