Tuesday, December 27, 2011

When in doubt, eat and run

Update: You know I swear that Youtube has been following me or well, just some sort of correlation that I cannot explain. But I was just tweeting about me wanting to go for The Color Run cause it's so fun and colourful and LOOK!!!

I'll run 100km if I get a change to participate. COLOURS!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D So pretty *melt*

Yah anyway I was just posting about the Christmas present thing about the little girl Bethany, and this evening while driving home during rush hour, Fly FM was talking about the video!!! ME GUSTAAAA. Coincident? I think not. heh

You know, I hate to say this but, I really have no blogging mojo or whatsoever. All I'm concern about now is my health/nutrition/diet. I'm on a cut. Trying to cut my body fat percentage to below 20%, not sure how much is it now but when I feel the time is right, or when my body is ready, I'll go for a check. Did you know that for female, if you want to see abs, you'll need to have about 11-12% body fat?? I think I'm about twice as much. The last I check in June was around 28% and I can feel that it's lower now? Cause when I try pinching my fats there's less to pinch especially on the obliques (more bicycle crunches it is!) And besides I'm building more muscles so it's sorta replacing the fats stored. Someone tell me the mechanisms in these I'm noob

What I've been doing?? Crazy. I've been playing Santarina for the past couple of weeks, every package is like a gift from me to others hahahahaha. Anyway, I've been bringing my own lunch and having an obscene, I mean OBSCENE amount of protein. I mean, not as extreme as some but I had 7 egg whites the other day. HA!! 4 at the mamak stall and 3 at home. Scary mou?? We'll see how long this will last, and I don't really intend to stop, even if I get wtf looks from my sister who just returned from Sydney. Oh and the -_- looks from my grandparents when they see the egg nest is empty (la la la...). Mmm what else, egg whites, protein shakes, egg white oatmeal pancakes. I discovered a way to incorporate more protein, which is by adding my protein powder to my eggwhite oatmeal batter, add a dash of cinnamon, a banana and sometimes blueberries, and just pan fry it like a pancake. The pancake turns out more fluffy!!! :D

And I'm happy!!! Because last week I met some people I haven't seen for ages (2 months maybe) and they say I lost weight!! But the thing is my weight is still the same, maybe 1-2kgs less (funny how ppl often use the term weight when you seem smaller haha). :D See, means what I'm doing is WORKING. So yeah I'm gonna continue doing what I'm doing right now. Then switch it around so my body will stop plateau-ing. -_- And really the best thing is I'm still eating reasonable portions and filling myself up! Win-win.

I'm lifting heavier eventhough less reps cause I seriously cannot take it my chest/shoulders were just in pain/death. Yah when I say heavier I didn't mean benchpressing Arnold ok -_- I'm upping it bit by bit. :)

To those who don't have to do anything to maintain a good physique, you're one lucky bitch you hear me? But you know what?? You're kinda missing out on the fun. ;)

Anyway I'm bored. Tell me something. Ask me a question, leave a comment, say hi. Please?

ok bye.


Rabieka Aliya said...

Hey, I've been reading your blog for a while now and I've to say your determination and your enthusiasm for life is truly inspiring :) Keep on writing!

Anonymous said...

Here's my story :)I am 1.7m tall and 58kg. I am not skinny but rather athletic built, unfortunately my rib cage is kinda large and protruding it makes me look skinny when I am really not, believe me when I was 65kg people still think I am too skinny(?????).

anyway I managed to lose weight, but I still can't lose that belly pooch. It is very VERY annoying to see a pocket of fat below my belly button and I couldn't get rid of it =.=...the only time it was really flat was when I was sick and didn't have much food.and then I read that it's probably genetic and unless I bring my body fat down to really low % I will always have it!!!!wahahahaha....true story!gosh I really wanna have a flat stomach so that I can wear le bikinis!

Anonymous said...

me think le body fat is around 20% at the moment.