Thursday, January 05, 2012


2012, please be kind.

Series of unfortunate events that happened in 24 hours.
-broke my lunch bowl (we chinese call it rice bowl aka our job wtf)(and it's Pyrex T_T) and how am I suppose to bring lunch next time HUH!? Bring plastic container lor easy. Worst part? I broke it in the office, have to clean it up T___T I mean yes, you need to clean up after your own mess wherever you are but in the office is just.. so public, everyone was like what happened T_T
- Maggots attack in the office, because a rat died in the aircond. Quite near my seat. T_T Stank up the entire office I wanted to DIE.
- my 6 month old Havaianas strap snapped, I'm this close to sticking it back. Thank goodness I was back home already when it snapped =(
- Left my runners at home, only realized it when I parked my car and ready to go up to the gym. Drove back and got stuck in a motherfucking jam, witnessed a car accident where the Prius bumper got smashed quite badly by a Myvi.
- I think I need to change my hair soon, I don't like the two streaks popping out.
- I just bought film for my Holga, but I realise this household has no cellophane tape, how to tape the ends to the roller -_-

Well, I believe there's always a silver lining to things. And... I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow night. TOKYO BITCHES!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D It's our "redemption" trip cause the last time we've been there we were just wrong... Dressed wrongly, wrong wrong wrong NO NAI NEH NADA CANNOT MAKE IT hahahaha.

Let's just hope it'll be really fun, no earthquakes, and no radiation. Maybe all this bad things are happening to me, so it'll be a REALLY good trip =D Because I believe better things always fall together when things fall apart (no pun intended. read: my slippers and my bowl T_T)

Ok so no updates for a week. TOO BUSY.


(that's one out of 5 japanese words that I know btw, oh the horror)

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xinxin said...

I'm sorry so many bad things happened. bUt i hope Tokyo will be awesome :D :D

ps. really enjoy reading your new posts of late - love it :D