Thursday, June 27, 2013


Another of my rant post about me struggling with weight.

Thing is... I haven't stepped on a scale for about 1 month plus and instead I take measurements instead!! It all happened when my sister got engaged and I made a promise to myself that I'll really get into serious business so I'll look good in a bridesmaid's dress. And due to unforeseen circumstances, well, the wedding date will be at a later date. But I've gotten myself into this "pact" that I promised my instructor I'll be fitter (and hopefully with abs) in 3 months time. And also on the faithful day of my brother's birthday, I devoured 5 cupcakes at one go, followed by another 3 the next day, and 2 cupcakes for breakfast, I NEED to do something. 

I've gotten comments from gym buddies that I've lost weight/seem smaller since about a year ago. Truth is, the weight remains. MAYBE I do seem smaller but I don't feel so cause my clothes ain't any bigger whatsoever. 

I'm forever frustrated with the things I do and I feel no matter what I do is not enough for me to get abs or drop sizes. So I took up this burpees challenge, which is to start at 50 and slowly build up to 250 burpees in a month's time. In the midst of it but I've been slacking!!!!!! Burpees are so goddamn fucking hard and my highest record is 7 minutes AMRAP 99 burpees. Feeling extremely badass after that!! But it did take a toll on my lower back, after all I'm not feather lite and doing 99 burpees in such short time will result in less proper form, aka sore back (might have injured a little too who knows!)

And then there was this faithful day I signed up for the KL Marathon (which is now postponed to 29 September btw) so I started running a lot! In June itself, I ran a total of 35km (average 4km per run). And I heard from people that to drop size is to do more cardio. So running on treadmill before Body Combat, and I up from 3 classes to 4 Body Combat classes a week. With weight sessions before cardio.

With all these crazy things going on, I really don't know what will happen to me or I will drop dead one day cause my muscles are all so fucked up. We shall see. But I do take measurements and as of 25 June, 16 days into this crazy routine, I lost 1.5 inches off my waist!!!!! (actually my aim is to get abs, just so I can wear a sports bra to classes and make myself PROUD!) have yet to step on the scale and I have been eating rather clean with a cheat meal each week. Still researching on how to go gluten free with substitutes etc, I try to cut down on simple carbs like rice and noodles. I try to incorporate more complex carbs like SWEET POTATO (i love that shit) and pumpkin. Bought heaps of buckwheat, millet, to make gluten free flour so I can make GF pancakes!! Slowly moving into Paleo and cutting them processed crap. :) Small changes!! And because of all these substitutes that I've found I can now indulge a little without feeling much guilt!!! All natural ingredients but packed with flavours, what not to love!?

I've also shamelessly posted a progress picture on my twitter and got some positive feedback. Thank you all. I know I am no where near where I want to be, but looking at how far I've came, from knowing nothing about eating clean and lifting and cardio etc to now knowing a little bit more. And from my first body pump class squatting a mere 5kg barbell to now 50kg barbell (my highest was 75 but was too heavy for proper form so I stopped doing too heavy weights). 

Was chatting to a friend about reasons we workout. Superficially speaking we just want to LOOK GOOD!!! As long as we look good we will feel good isn't it? Maybe in my case I'm working towards creating a best version of myself. There will be sweat and the occasional tears (not yet, phew) and the journey is going to be very very tough, but I know it will be worth it when results are showing!!! Noticed my little biceps are slowly showing when I do overhead presses and it only motivates me to lift more just so I can see them muscles grow. :3 I want to be able to do pushups on my toes and deadlift my body weight! I want to have abs so I can proudly show my hard earned abs!!

*fistbump* actually my ultimate goal is still to wear a bikini at the beach during my Mount Kinabalu trip (gonna be conquering that legendary mountain yo!!! so excited :D ) and flaunt my abs at le gym. I CAN DO THIS!!!!! Positive thoughts all the way.

note: this is a friendly reminder for myself to NOT give up and I CAN DO THIS. I am strong, I am determined, I am stronger than I think I am, I can run faster and longer than I think I can. I can do this!!!!


ms.bulat said...

You can do it! :):) all those hard work will definitely show one day!

Rebecca said...

That's the spirit Teeny! Do share your effort of victory through pictures yeah :)

i used to weight 70kgs then i exercised, controlled carb intakes, stopped junkfood and sweet food.

..Don't get me wrong but you might want to go moderate on the intensity of exercise because i am an ex-state cyclist and have heavy training regime during my teenage years. The load of exercise persistently kept me hungry and fed on high volume of food :D yet i still manage to stay fit and slim however, the problem only persists when i quit bicycling and the weight shoot up high because the muscles turned to fat. That's where i got my 70 kgs :D partly also coupled with no time for exercise routine due to work committments. This is what i can share based on my experience.. unless we have the persistancy to maintain the intensity of workout forever.. keep everything in moderate, my advice :) Hope this helps... and all the best! :)

mustardqueen said...

ms bulat: Thank you!!! Effort is always directly proportionate to to results!! :D

Rebecca: Thank you!!!! Wowww i didn't know you were ex-state cyclist but kudos to that!!

I don't do super super heavy weight training (but I do like to try crossfit one day). From what I know of is more muscles = more calories burned which will result in less fat. I'm trying to get leaner now and I'd say I'm doing moderate weights! (heavy squatting would be 1 to 1.5 times body weight which is a lot).

I'd say it's to do with consistency, they say muscles will eventually turn into fat is because they stopped training the muscle group and hence losing muscle density. For which in your case you stopped training vigorously for competitions hence the weight gain. But I'm seeing myself doing this for a long time and I don't have the intention to stop. ;) It's a lifestyle that I'm adopting here and I really really genuinely like it. It's more of testing my limits of how far I can go and to know what I'm able to do when I think I couldn't. What surprises me through all these is that I can actually do a lot more than I think I can! From not able to step in the free weights section to know being one of the girls who lifts (often times heavier than some of the male) I feel badass!! hahahaha

And also I'm trying to adopt a healthy eating habit where I cut down a lot on refined sugar and processed ingredients (stopped fast food!) and so far, no regrets and definitely no turning back. Thank you for your advices!! :D

t3ngt3ng said...

You can do it! Don't know what to say but just want to give you some support! Saw your progress pic on twitter and my jaw dropped. I had gained so much of weight after giving birth. All the excess fats, flabby arms, tummy, thighs :'( huhu..

Anonymous said...

Hi There! Have been reading your blog for a while and like many of us, I can share your struggles with weight loss and weight fluctuation. I have been exercising for years which includes running and going to the gym to combat classes and pump classes etc. Tried everything until I was introduced to Crossfit. I only started to seriously take up crossfit and within 3 mths, total body transformation. I am not sure how available it is in Malaysia but I recommend you give it a try. :) and here is a video about Crossfit.
P.s: Don't blame me when you get addicted :)

mustardqueen said...

t3ngt3ng: congratulations on your baby!!!!!! I hear having a baby will tone them arms cause u need to carry your baby around hahahahahaha thank u so much for the support :) I know i can do this, it's just a matter of time :D

Anonymous: I have heard of crossfit and I am dying to try it out!! I know one or two places that offers crossfit training and I've been wanting to try out!! I feel damn badass when I do weights and I want to be one of those really fit and strong girls who can deadlift 200pounds LOL!!!

ARGH now u got me really excited to try it out! :D

Anonymous said...

Definitely try it out..I recently did my one max deadlift of 230pound! Cannot explain the endorphins and the adrenalin high after everytime I finish a WOD that I thought I could never do is one of the best highs I have ever experienced. And best to train at a crossfit gym that does only crossfit! Let your crossfit journey begin!!!

Anonymous said...

Try yoga. Stretching is good. I am a size smaller in 2 months thanks to yoga and also ABT. And I don't take any sugar and no rice at night. You can do it!

mustardqueen said...

anon: my highest DL weight is at 65kg. But I know I can do better in the future :) Thanks for the motivation!!! :D

anon: i do a lot of stretches after my workout! I admire those who can do inversions!! My goal one day is to be able to do headstand or handstand!! maybe I shud start taking up yoga again cause I rmbr the last time it helped a lot with my backache and posture. :) btw what is ABT?

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