Saturday, July 18, 2009

Things I sacrifice

From today onwards, I'll have a one month meat fast every year for whatever reason there is, whether it's for my beloved Guan Yin Ma or my ever not very good grades or my health or for my pimples or for the love of God or for the better or worst or for a better world.

After all, you'll get what you sacrificed right? No pain no gain

And this might be a great start to my "be a vegan in the future" plan. Call me superstitious or whatever, but what I believe is whatever I pray for as long as I give something back in return I'm quite sure my prayers will be answered (Right guan yin ma?) One month of not killing cute lil animals is a huge sacrifice for me knowing how I love my meat (RAWR) Even the song I'm listening to now related to meat wtf Flightless BIRD American Mouth by Iron and Wine. T_T

This is my 2nd year doing it sooooo, wish me luck!! :D Counting down 29 days till I touch meat again. I still eat my eggs cause I can't live without protein do I? I'll prolly die a fat bitch with rice at the corner of my lips and no hair.

Mmmmm wait till I go back to Melbourne Imma make myself some pumpkin soup and some yummay wasabi salad :D


Joshua said...

Daaamn zen!

But at least it's not extreme vegan = no dairy, no eggs etc

But still, no meat for a month :|:|:|

Cindy Khor said...

maybe i should do that too, go vegetarian for at least 1 day per week/month or something... but i'm such a carnivour, don't think i could resist the temptation

mustardqueen said...

josh: hahaha yahhh summore imma do it every year! my mom was super shock when I say Im on the vegetarian thing again and I kena scolded wtf cos cannot eat bak kut teh T_T

cindy: yeah maybe not as hardcore as mine la, just do at least one day a week its good enough what!! U'll then have 52 days of vegetarian better than my one month thing AHHA