Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Walking highlighter

Update: If today was my lucky day I would be posting something on the line of "follow me on twitter" with a link screennamed mustardqueen but unfortunately the name is taken and well you're right, I'll never be on twitter then. So much for overrated, it IS overrated when my name is taken RAWRRRRRRRR

One day, yin was stuck in a jam while taking the same route to come back as me to go her house for some EBILLLLL plans muahahahahaha ok stop.

cause prior to that EBILLLL plan muahahahahahaha we went to pyramid wtf. So she was listening to this radio channel namely 988 -_- and here goes the joke...

What is a fei po call when she sei already? (means dead la wtf but must use it in canto only can get the right answer =p)

the day kaka left
also the first day of my meat fast.... kuakuakua I have to eat ramen in soysauce soup T_T but it was good now I'm craving WOOOOO

outfit wtf
likey my blazer?? I love it too thank you... Your blazer got tiers anot? No right? =P

blazer: bangkok
white tank: sportsgirl
leggings: glassons
bag: union jack sequin sling
necklace with crotchet collar: jing's


super chan after watching Harry Potter 6 and roaming around the mall and ate hella lot of food =P

and i drew these =P

me teeth look so straight here which is impossible -_-

see im so cute... I'm in my "androgyny" mood wtf

then hitler style wtf sorry I can only draw on my left finger wtf and what comes after the 2nd finger hahahahha =P

and I made everyone to pose with my finger!!! =p

kitty cat and overly bushy whiskers wtf

like some old perv... AHHHHH LAO POK HAHAHAHAHA

innocent boy with moustache tsk tsk early growth spurt wtffff

oh and kurakura say hi... DAMN CUTE RIGHT the shell is watermelon...

argh, leaving this sunday and it's already WEDNESDAY half gone. =( I'm having mixed feelings. Like I miss Melbourne and I know I cannot NOT go back cause I'm already skipping first week of classes lalalala and I don't wanna leave home even though my familia de horreur not being very considerate with my meatfast thing cause all they do is offer me meat T___________________________T but home is home T_T

on a brighter note I've already thought of so many dishes I could cook when I go back. :D

to name a few: mushroom cream pasta, beancurd vermicelli, kimchi fried rice, kimchi pancake, pumpkin soup! ok that will last me till the end :D


primadona said...

cantikkk nyaaaa blazer!noooo my blazer got no tiers!hahahahahahahah

eh tp post nie lawak gile pls!hahahahahahah

YiNKy said...

and the belt from kitschen. :P

Anonymous said...

Hhahaha the moustache pics are all so cute!

t3ngt3ng said...

fei por die d call Sei Fei Por :p

mustardqueen said...

primadona: heheheheheheehhe nice leh =P=P and why so lawak la my moustache cool only ma haaa

yinky: oh i forgotten to mention the belt I stripped from you HAHA!

sharonisme: thank u :< D

t3ngt3ng: SMART! u got it right haha

s kim said...

haha thats so clever e moustache thing.
and your blazer is PRO ada ruffles summore yea you are right mine dont have T_T *inferior*.

huhu you are leaving so soon i'm back on tuesday but you'll be gone by then deng deng.

oh btw btw your ripped slashed leggings is it frm ur sisters shop. i wanna buy but im scared e length too short so i must use YOU my panjang friend as comparison haha.

Joshua said...

HAHAH, I was about to say the same as T3ng T3ng

mustardqueen said...

kim: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i rip it off from the celebs wtf wanna get that as a tattoo inspiration wtf!! oh and e ripped jeans, e length is jst nice for me, at e ankle no need alterations like mng jeans -_- AND BOOHOOO why la u coming back so late T_T nvm la end of e year!! :)

josh: HAAHAHA damn random wtf!