Thursday, July 23, 2009


The cold breeze on my face, so cold my nose got frozen and started getting runny.

I kinda miss Melbourne.

So quickly 4 weeks has come and gone, and it's about time to pack. Friday tomorrow, and I'll be flying off on Sunday night, not sure how much of things I will be packing, but only one textbook (FAIL!). Went Sunway to hunt for textbooks but fail. PLAN FAIL! Went to all 3 major uni book store and NONE of them sell the books I want. IS YOU MAD???

I am actually quite looking forward to going back. But not so looking forward for the bestie to be leaving to San Francisco. The only dilemma I'm facing. Cause I won't be seeing her for a year or two, and the worst thing is US is fer-frigging FAR! Been spending most of my time with her and gosh I know I'll miss those times a lot. I cannot say "AIYA can spend time together when I come back next time" till she graduates.

Holidays been not very productive. The so called planned 2 facials in a month one right after i touch down and one more before I depart. FAIL. I only went once this week.

The DIY plans I had in mind, and all the inspirations, nothing done. Ok maybe one, But I lost it. GAH!

Something tells me it is better to leave this place I call home. Something tells me that I should consider staying in Australia. But i cannot decide. I thought of it but I don't know. There are still areas that are still filled with question marks that I could not figure out. Maybe because things did not turn out how I wanted it to be here and maybe, it is probably why I think Melbourne would be a better place. =( It might be a new start of something, might be something that I've been seeking for my entire life, a dream, a goal just something I wish to pursue (definitely not accounting!)

but the thing is I do not know what I want. Suddenly all of the wants that I've been lusting all over, all my life, I actually would want to know what I actually WANT in my life. I don't want to learn to know what I want but in this stage I want to know it right away.

maybe it's time to get back to reality.

to brighten things a bit, here's a super cute shirt I got myself and e bestie. :)


we'll never stop learning would we?


electronicfly said...

did you try looking at kinokuniya or mph? they usually have my books there, though more expensive than buying through my uni's dealer..

Nana said...

Hey Ting! I know this is totally irrelevent, but just wanna check, what size you go for when buying bottoms from supre? I wanna buy a high waist pants from em and do yuo think size L would fit a UK14 for bottom? :) Sorry to bother you.. thanks!

Snifff said...

You are still young and have a long road ahead of you, of course knowing what you want now would be great so at least you can work towards your goals. However, not knowing it also can be a good thing so as to let life runs its course. You'll never know what is ahead of you. My advice to you is just enjoy and make full use of all the opportunities presented to you. One never stops learning. Good Luck ^_*

jess said...

you could try lowyat forum.... :)

jess said...

for the books...