Sunday, August 23, 2009


Update 3: I feel like fucking banging my head on the wall and pulling all my hair out which is also known as the infamous ABHOWS (always bang head on wall syndrome) and HPS (hair pulling syndrome).


i have no fucking idea what I just wrote on my assignment and I spent 5 hours sitting on the lime green chair in my fucking cell writing it. I feel like DYING. I think this is the most unproductive 5 hours I've ever spent in my life. That 5 hours could have been nicely spent in the new wing at Chadstone and buying pretty things from Forever New and you know how big is the sportsgirl there?? I could easily spend one hour looking through EVERYTHING in there.

gimme a gun.

Update 2: told u to keep up wtf T_T I think this is my proper first time talking to my brother online without spamming him T______T He wants to learn to play the guitar T____T You're all grown up brother wtf... Can't believe that the Hoes actually have some music sense running in our blood.. T_____T and and and he is such a good boy cause I ask him to download songs for me illegally on ares and he did and he did a good job but got 50 more to go wtf way to go brother :D and now we're talking on how we should persuade our mother to let him learn hahahahaha

Update: I hate my fucking assignment my brain is DRAINED!!! <-- see it even rhyme!!! And I have no idea how to fucking continue and I'm wearing a pair of heels now that I intend to wear to the ball, stretching balls out and getting new bruises so that night I won't get new bruises T_T ball, 3 hours free flow, dancing, after party = dead feet. I need to get Party Feet gel pads cushions shit for my feet T_T *caresses feet* AND I just scrub my feet, HEEE You can see the difference before and after you scrub it (cause I did one first then the other so got difference WOOT) and I'm wasting time writing this instead of doing assignment.

WHY? WHO IN THE WORLD INVENTED ASSIGNMENT! T_T I'm stuffing myself mad with scotch fingers and ball is next friday, as in 5 more days. I'm suppose to crash diet but I guess diet fail. T_T Having charsiew and egg noodle tonight (NOMNOMNOM) ok crash diet starts tomorrow cause got classes :D

please check this space wtf cause I know there will be more coming up, lookin at my current state *shakes head*

Another thing I hate about leaving home is missing out the awesome pasar malam and junkyard sales.

the Hello Sailor vintage fair was just so so, but after you convert it to Ringgit it's not worth it T___T And the lapsap junkyards are always awesome T_T

And I miss my Uncle Bob fried chicken, champagne flavour bubble tea, lok lok, kuih apom and and a lot T____________________T


It's the Ramadhan month (Happy Ramadhan muslim readers!! :D) And I'll be missing the Taman Tun Dr. Ismail night market every night through out the ramandhan month T_______T

nasi briyani. popiah. ayam percik. OH AND MY BEEF RENDANG T_____T

Now I need to go cook some rendang, it's been a while. =(

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Ainee said...

ZOMG POPIAH BASAH TMN TUN! SANGATTTT BESSSSSSSTT!!but i tell u, the Q is not as bad as the one in bazaar sek 14!!!!!


i had to start queue-ing frm 3pm lagiii!!!and break fast is only at 7.30!!!!gileee kaann??